Intronis, Inc. has introduced a new, flat-fee unlimited cloud and unlimited local storage pricing plan. 

Available now, the Intronis U2 Plan enables managed service providers (MSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs) to proactively address all their customers’ data storage and data protection needs with a single solution that is supported by a simplified pricing strategy. With a fixed monthly cost for access to the entire Intronis ECHOplatform, channel partners are freed from the limitations of the industry’s legacy cost-per-gigabyte pricing and associated storage limits. Simultaneously, the new plan empowers IT service providers to generate greater business opportunities by shifting the conversation from the commodity value of storage to a more strategic discussion centered on the appropriate data protection strategy for their clients’ business requirements.

“We are declaring the end of the legacy ‘per gigabyte’ pricing models that have long been the norm in our industry,” said Rick Faulk, CEO, Intronis. “In today’s rapidly evolving market, it no longer makes sense for our partners to be forced to justify the price of their services ‘by the gig.’ Moving forward, our partners will be able to focus on delivering valuable data protection services with a predictable monthly cost. This will generate a massive transformation in how our partners go to market, and create more opportunity to grow their revenues and profits.”

“By removing the variability of storage-based pricing, Intronis is providing me with greater flexibility in how I price backup to my customers. Now I can maximize both the data protection services I provide my customers and the profit potential for my business,” said Larry Phelps, vice president of sales at Solbrekk Business Technology Solutions, an IT service provider and Intronis partner based in Minneapolis, Minn. 

Unlimited Cloud and Unlimited Local Storage Create Unlimited Opportunity According to the recent Intronis Cloud Study, one of the top reasons businesses and IT professionals cannot restore data after a loss occurs that the data was not properly backed up to begin with. By advancing its technology and simplifying the pricing and delivery process, Intronis is empowering its channel partners to easily expand the data protection strategies of their SMB clients and eliminate the need to pick and choose what data should be protected.

The new flat-rate, monthly Intronis U2 Plan also introduces greater flexibility, predictability and profit potential for channel partners. By fixing costs on the back end and expanding its solution, Intronis is enabling its channel partners to use the Intronis ECHOplatform to deliver customizable services that will help increase their revenue potential and scale their profit.

The new Intronis ECHOplatform delivers the industry’s most secure, scalable and comprehensive cloud backup and data recovery solution — supporting a variety of in-demand services, plug-ins, and extensions such as physical imaging, VMware and Hyper-V, and SQL and Exchange backup. Engineered to simplify delivery of cloud backup and data protection services for channel partners, the new all-in-one platform features an open API, seamless integration with today’s leading professional service automation (PSA) and remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, and a robust management portal that provides a single pane of glass view of all account activity.

“The combination of the new U2 Plan and the Intronis ECHOplatform delivers an unbeatable value proposition that channel partners can easily extend to their customers,” summarized Faulk. “These seismic moves represent big wins for our existing channel partners, and without question, this breakout go-to-market strategy will bring greater advantage to our channel partners and radically change how they price and deliver services.”


This article was originally posted “Intronis Introduces U2 Plan” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.