Equinix, Inc. has announced that GoGrid has joined the Equinix Cloud Exchange™. Designed to accelerate cloud adoption and optimize performance, the Equinix Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection solution that enables seamless, on-demand and direct access to multiple clouds and multiple networks across the globe. Cloud service providers, such as GoGrid, are using the Equinix Cloud Exchange to expand market reach and offer private connectivity to enterprise customers globally through a single interconnection solution.

"As a company that specializes in cloud infrastructure and Open Data Services, we understand the many intricacies that are incorporated into developing successful cloud strategies. The Equinix Cloud Exchange simplifies the process of establishing hybrid cloud deployments by connecting enterprises and services providers – delivering the many benefits associated with cloud environments and private access," said Mark Worsey, chief operating officer at GoGrid. "Expanding our relationship with Equinix enables our customers to use our cloud and Big Data solutions in a more secure, predictable, and high-performance manner via the combination of our Cloud Bridge option plugged into the Equinix Cloud Exchange."

With the Equinix Cloud Exchange, cloud and network service providers are able to benefit from faster performance, better reliability, increased security, and quicker and easier deployment of cloud applications through interconnection. By offering connections to an extensive list of network service providers — including established GoGrid partner tw telecom — the Equinix Cloud Exchange enables GoGrid to build a streamlined network interconnect facility that reduces capital expenses while increasing reach to the enterprise market.

As a provider of Big Data solutions, GoGrid turned to the Equinix Cloud Exchange for optimized performance. Transferring and analyzing massive amounts of data securely and quickly is critical and becoming more routine for many companies. The challenge is to do so efficiently and cost-effectively. By providing a secure, dedicated network connection over the Equinix Cloud Exchange, rather than the public internet, enterprises receive improved performance in the form of data throughput at reduced costs.

GoGrid will connect its Cloud Bridge solution to the Equinix Cloud Exchange to offer its customers private access, high performance, and scalability. Cloud Bridge delivers DC-to-world connectivity by providing access to the GoGrid cloud from a customer's infrastructure in the data center. GoGrid's Cloud Bridge enables customers to leverage previously purchased equipment to create a consistent networking experience with high availability and at minimal cost.

GoGrid is currently connected to the Equinix Cloud Exchange inside Equinix's International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center in Ashburn, Virginia, with plans for future expansion into Europe.


This article was originally posted “GoGrid Connects To Equinix Cloud Exchange” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.