IBM has released preliminary study findings of 750 global organizations revealing less than 10% are fully prepared to address the proliferation of cloud computing, analytics, mobile devices, and social media. 

Addressing this challenge head-on, IBM is unveiling new systems, software and capabilities designed to help organizations create smarter infrastructures that yield faster access to Big Data insights through the cloud and improved business performance.

"Big Data is the transformative force driving every element of our clients' computing infrastructure — starting with environments of traditional applications blended with the new requirements of social, mobile and analytic workloads that demand faster access at massive scale," said Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president of IBM Systems & Technology Group and IBM Integrated Supply Chain. "The continued advances of our portfolio provide clients with a fast and easy way to close the gap between their data, the business decisions they have to make, and the mandate to use information to provide more personalized experiences for their customers."

The IBM preliminary findings revealed that 70% of organizations recognize that IT infrastructure plays a significant role in enabling competitive advantage or generating revenue.


This article was originally posted “Study Finds Organizations Are Unprepared for Technology Shifts” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.