Ubity connects professionals in more than 70 countries through fully hosted telephony systems that provide a variety of functions unavailable through typical telecom providers. Through dedicated cloud solutions, including IP phone service, unified communications, SIP trunking, dedicated Internet access, and CRM/ERP software integration, Ubity users gain guaranteed, automated, secure software telephone service that enables 100% mobility globally with no maintenance costs and minimal equipment expenditure.

As a software company, managing data center infrastructure is not Ubity’s core expertise. The company needed to host its servers with a colocation provider with redundant power and multiple carriers to support more than 10,000 daily users with unrelenting service. With Cologix Montreal knowledgably managing all of the infrastructure and physical security aspects of Ubity’s business, the company no longer has to worry about that fundamental portion of its business, giving Ubity peace of mind and the ability to scale its software business considerably.

“The main thing we get with Cologix that we can’t find elsewhere is access to such a large number of network and service providers in the MTL3 data center,” said, Sebastien Couture, chief technology officer and vice president, Ubity. “It’s such a central point and critical location to be as close to upstream providers as possible in Montreal’s only carrier hotel. When it comes to new points of presence (PoPs) and connecting different PoPs together, it’s a very high probability that any North American carrier has a presence or central location in this carrier hotel, accessible through Cologix.”                     

Through expansive connectivity options, Ubity connects to carriers that are present in other major metro areas, creating a gigabit private network with a significant geographic reach across North America. This is not something Ubity thought they could do, but the company now can through colocation in MTL3 specifically, which is connected to both local networks and worldwide carriers alike. The private network was surprisingly easy to interconnect, which serves as failover and a data synchronization medium across multiple Ubity IT sites. With full redundancy, if any infrastructure fails, Ubity can backhaul traffic through border gateway protocol (BGP). Geographically dispersed customers can transit through either of two sites via BGP without any service impact, making the private connection critical for Ubity. Additionally, through this private network, even if a service provider goes down, Ubity can access servers through either of its location’s infrastructure for uninterruptable service.

The MTL3 data center, located in the main carrier hotel in Montreal, allows Ubity to be very close to the providers it uses to service its own customers. Not only that, but having access to worldwide networks that extend across the backbone of the Internet as far as Quebec and Eastern Canada is concerned is deemed a certain advantage for Ubity. Wherever Ubity expands in the future, the connectivity of Cologix’s North American platform featuring 21 centrally located data centers allows Ubity to conveniently interconnect its new sites to existing infrastructure, avoiding additional costs.

Furthermore, the main driver behind Ubity working with Cologix is because of the company’s data center location in Montreal, particularly the downtown MTL3 site. The Ubity offices are also downtown, which allows the Ubity team to reach the data center without being stuck in traffic or otherwise delayed if they need to reach the data center in a timely manner.

Ubity has always had superior, consistent services through Cologix. The central data center location and access to so many local and worldwide carriers has definitively allowed Ubity to leverage its Cologix services to drive its own business. Customers trust Ubity to have a reliable and robust infrastructure, and with stringent, guaranteed SLAs with Cologix, this translates to Ubity offering industry-leading SLAs to clients. Additionally, with Cologix’s power upgrades to the MTL3 data center, Ubity can rest assured its record of no outages with Cologix will continue.

Finally, Cologix is always responsive — in fact, every time Ubity added a cross connect, it’s always been performed in a timely fashion within 24 to 48 hours by Cologix, resulting in a consistently pleasant service experience.

“The relationship has been great with Cologix, and that’s what I want with a data center,” commented Couture. “We’ve never had issues and we love being there because it’s a geographically central location with an excess of providers available. Things are done in a timely fashion, cross connects are installed quickly, we can work without impediments, no outages – that’s as good as a data center can get. A data center should not get in the way, and Cologix has not.”


This article was originally posted “Telephony company reaches for the cloud for 100% mobility” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.