NetApp, Inc. has introduced new software and solutions for hybrid IT deployments that improve data backup and recovery times and give customers more control over how, when and where they store their data throughout its lifecycle.

Customers can leverage the flexibility of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to address their backup, recovery and archive challenges. NetApp™ introduced three new models of SteelStore® cloud-native backup solution as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), which provides an efficient and secure approach to back up cloud-based workloads. Customers can also choose on-premises SteelStore® physical appliances for seamless, secure data protection to the cloud.

Additionally, NetApp is adding support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) as a storage tier to StorageGRID® Webscale, a scalable, highly durable object storage solution for long-term archives. The company also released updates to its OnCommand® Cloud Manager, OnCommand Insight software and Cloud ONTAP™ software subscription, giving customers new capabilities to speed business innovation and IT responsiveness.

"Every customer has a unique set of IT requirements when it comes to supporting business growth. To support growth, organizations want the ability to use the cloud on their terms," said Phil Brotherton, vice president, Cloud Solutions Group, NetApp. "NetApp is investing in a data fabric architecture and framework to make hybrid IT simpler, faster and more secure. Our newest backup and archive solutions help customers take advantage of hybrid deployments to gain flexibility and reduce cost."

"Organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to migrate data and workloads to AWS to leverage the innovation, cost savings and flexibility of AWS," said Terry Wise, vice president, Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services, Inc. "These next generation storage solutions are the result of a deep collaboration between AWS and NetApp and give customers a flexible, cost effective and easy path to migrate on-premise resources to AWS."


The Data Fabric Vision

NetApp believes that a hybrid IT architecture will become the leading IT deployment model for the next decade or more. Customers are attracted by the speed and scale benefits of the cloud but need new data management strategies to keep control of their data as this crucial asset moves beyond the walls of the enterprise. NetApp's vision for enabling customers to achieve both data control and choice in IT deployment models in this new world is called the data fabric.

Today's announcements deliver on the data fabric vision. NetApp's new data lifecycle solutions give customers confidence that no matter where their data lives they can control, integrate, move, secure and consistently manage it. They benefit from NetApp's investments and expertise in building enterprise-class hybrid deployments that are designed to evolve as customer needs change. More than 275 service provider partners are contributing to the development of the data fabric, enabled by NetApp technology.

The enhanced NetApp SteelStore® and StorageGRID® Webscale solutions provide the flexibility of Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier for long-term archiving. Customers gain an additional secure physical location to address single-site or local-site risks as well as tape risks. This addition to the NetApp portfolio creates ideal solutions designed to help customers integrate their storage with AWS resources. NetApp was first to market with NetApp Private Storage for AWS, which gives customers the benefits of cloud elasticity and savings with the performance, availability and control of dedicated enterprise storage. NetApp Cloud ONTAP® software subscription, an instance of NetApp's industry-leading storage OS running as a software subscription on AWS Marketplace, offers a cost-effective option for cloud bursting and disaster recovery.

New Hybrid Solution Highlights:

  • StorageGRID® Webscale 10.1 gives customers the tools to securely store data in the right place, at the right time. Fully supported by a dynamic policy engine,, StorageGRID® Webscale now leverages Amazon S3 to cost-effectively store data on AWS. Geo-distributed erasure coding reduces on-premises costs and increases security. The StorageGRID® Webscale object storage solution is available in appliance and software delivery models, and both types can be mixed in the same grid.
  • NetApp introduced three new models of its SteelStore® cloud-native backup solution as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), which provides an efficient and secure approach to backing up cloud-based workloads. Customers can also choose on-premises SteelStore® physical appliances for seamless, secure data protection in the cloud.
  • NetApp OnCommand® Insight 7.1 software delivers industry-leading Storage Resource Management (SRM) for hybrid environments. Customers can ensure service level agreements are met through performance monitoring, capacity management, identifying reclamation opportunities and greater awareness of IT costs. The new software includes enhanced features for brokering and monitoring hybrid storage deployments as well as innovations that reduce storage OPEX and CAPEX costs and improve capacity planning. NetApp also boosted usability through advanced data visualization features such as new widgets, dashboards, and additional data points.
  • Customers can now utilize Cloud Manager® software and Cloud ONTAP® software subscription to manage NetApp's customer data replication to the cloud with a single application. In addition, customers can now simplify deployment of Cloud ONTAP® software subscription and OnCommand® Cloud Manager and automate NetApp service and support registration.



New versions of OnCommand® Cloud Manager and Cloud ONTAP® software subscription and NetApp's three new models of SteelStore Amazon Machine Image (AMI) software subscription are currently available on AWS Marketplace. StorageGRID Webscale 10.1 and the StorageGRID Webscale appliance are planned to be available in April 2015. NetApp OnCommand® Insight 7.1 software will be available March 2015.


This article was originally posted “NetApp Introduces New Software For Hybrid IT Deployments” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.