Continuity Software™has announced the release of version 6.4 (v6.4) of its AvailabilityGuard software, providing enterprise IT teams with enhanced risk detection across their software-defined data centers. 

AvailabilityGuard enables VMware and cloud infrastructure teams to ensure data center resiliency, high availability and operational excellence through its industry unique IT Operations Analytics.  Already trusted by many of the largest and most successful companies around the world, AvailabilityGuard provides IT teams with valuable insights into their private cloud infrastructure and a much needed early-warning system that proactively identifies and mitigates hidden data loss and downtime risks, such as single-points-of-failure across the entire infrastructure.

"Ensuring service availability without the right tools and a proactive approach is practically impossible in the complex and ever-changing cloud environment — where even a minor misstep of a single physical device or shared file system configuration could bring down multiple virtual machines (VMs) and lead to a major outage or data loss incident," said Doron Pinhas, CTO, Continuity Software. "AvailabilityGuard empowers IT with predictive analytics that allow them to anticipate and remove risks before they impact the business, transforming the mode of IT operations from constant firefighting to proactive outage prevention."

AvailabilityGuard empowers IT teams with daily verification of the entire private cloud environment (either managed within or without vCenter), ensuring it adheres to VMware best practices and is configured correctly relative to other virtual and physical layers such as storage, replication, databases, operating systems and network.

AvailabilityGuard v6.4 provides improved coverage and support for the following cloud-based technologies:

  • EMC VPLEX- AvailabilityGuard analyzes the configuration of the various EMC VPLEX modes, including VPLEX Local, VPLEX Metro, and VPLEX Geo. AvailabilityGuard detects a large number of VPLEX misconfigurations, including both internal VPLEX issues, as well as risks that span the VPLEX system and other IT layers such as storage systems, SAN fabric, host access, virtualization and clustering.
  • VMware Virtual Network - Continuity Software extends its risk detection capabilities onto the VMware-defined virtual network. AvailabilityGuard documents the virtual network topology and analyzes the configuration of virtual switches, port groups, NIC teaming, VLAN tagging (and more) to detect various misconfigurations preventing successful virtual machine (VM) failover or vMotion.
  • Zerto-AvailabilityGuard analyzes the configuration of Zerto components (ZVM, VRA, VPG and more) to detect best practice violations that can lead to data loss or RPO/RTO violations. Furthermore, AvailabilityGuard analyzes additional IT layers (database and application servers, VM OS, ESXi and datastores, virtual network, SAN fabric and more) and VM dependencies that can jeopardize successful VM protection and recovery in environments where Zerto is deployed.
  • Improved risk detection for integrated infrastructure solutions - AvailabilityGuard scans and analyzes the storage, hypervisor and VM components of VMware-based integrated infrastructure solutions such as VCE Vblock and Cisco/NetApp's FlexPod. Using its unique risk knowledgebase, AvailabilityGuard verifies Vblock and Flexpod environments are free of data loss and downtime risks.


This article was originally posted “Continuity Software Releases AvailabilityGuard v6.4” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.