Trinity Pharma Solutions has announced the next generation of its cloud-enabled and mobile-ready data analytics platform. In conjunction with the launch of the new platform, the company is changing its corporate name to SHYFT Analytics to reflect its expertise and focus in helping leading life science companies adapt to the changing health care landscape through innovative data and analytics.

"The health care market is shifting to more personalized and value-based medicine," said Zackary King, founder and CEO of SHYFT Analytics. "To be successful, organizations need to more effectively integrate and manage the rich data sources available across the health care ecosystem to derive intelligent, actionable analytics. This is the essence of the SHYFT Platform — to provide the data and analytics necessary to effectively inform both clinical and commercial strategies simultaneously."

The SHYFT Platform helps life science companies integrate clinical and commercial data and translate it into patient-centric intelligence and analytics for use across functional groups, shortening cycle times across research, development and commercialization activities while improving the probability of success. The platform features out-of-the-box solutions for specialty, launch, real world evidence, market access, rare disease and sales and offers the ability to configure solutions for unique needs.

"The U.S. health care system is going through a time of dramatic change and how life sciences companies respond to those changes will determine who is successful and who is not," offered Michael Henrick, associate director sales operations, Medac Pharma, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company based in Chicago. "Our customer has become more multifaceted and their needs have become more complex. SHYFT Analytics' deep expertise both in health care and business intelligence, allows their customers to move from disparate data to integrated insight, driving action throughout their entire organizations."

The SHYFT platform unifies EMR, claims, sales, marketing and market access data in the cloud to enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to attain a single version of the truth across the enterprise that informs the business and optimizes sales and marketing processes. The company has integrated hundreds of data sources, processed terabytes of data and has provided real time analytics to over 3,000 users through its innovative platform.

"By providing actionable analytics to life science companies, SHYFT aims to help make the health care industry more efficient, more transparent and measurable," added Brian Irwin, VP Strategy at SHYFT Analytics. "Equipped with smarter analytics accessible through more intuitive interfaces, life sciences companies are better positioned to make smarter investments in new product development and better meet the needs of underserved and niche patient populations."


This article was originally posted “Trinity Pharma Solutions Announces the Next Generation of Its Enterprise Cloud Data and Analytics Platform” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.