Xplenty has announced integrations with Google Analytics and Google AdWords. With the new integrations, Xplenty users can now blend and prepare data from both products with additional data sources, creating a 360-degree view of their overall business performance. Users can also execute custom formulas across the aggregate datasets in-platform, shortening “time-to-insight” and delivering processed, “analytics-ready” data to any leading database for analytics.

Today, data integration and processing is slow and cumbersome, with most data scientists and business intelligence professionals spending up to 80 percent of their time preparing raw data for analytics.* Xplenty streamlines every aspect of data integration, reducing time spent and allowing businesses to focus on insight over preparation. Available on the cloud, and accessible to every company, Xplenty is completely scalable across an organization, ensuring big data insight without having to invest in hardware, software, or related personnel.

By launching integrations for Google Analytics and Google AdWords, Xplenty enables their users to more effectively process all possible datasets, accelerating the time it takes to deploy data analytics and take advantage of any data opportunity that drives customer insight, efficiency and, ultimately, revenue.

“Google Analytics and AdWords are powerful, popular products, offering invaluable data on everything from site traffic to on-site customer behavior,” said Yaniv Mor, CEO & co-founder of Xplenty. “However, these datasets exist in silos, without additional third-party context. With our new integrations, we make it possible to unify all disparate data sources – including now, Google Analytics and AdWords – and prepare that data for analysis to drive, not just deeper, but actionable intelligence on a customer’s business.”

Google Analytics enables access to vital insight on website traffic data. However, the service does not support data blending or running customized queries against datasets. By adding Google Analytics integration, Xplenty solves for that,allowing users to load data from their Analytics account, join it with data from a host of other sources,like Google Storage Cloud, Google Cloud SQL, Amazon S3, and then save the results for analytics in Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, MySQL, or other major databases.

In addition to Google Analytics, Xplenty’s Google AdWords integration allows Xplenty users to gather data from different ad networks or click trails from affiliate websites and unify it with data from other sources in one location, the Xplenty platform, for processing and subsequent exporting for analytics.

“We’re committed to simple data integration and processing for organizations making business decisions from data,” added Mor. “Adding integrations for Google Analytics and Google AdWords will only further help our customers capitalize on their data in new ways.”


This article was originally posted “Xplenty Launches Google Analytics & Google AdWords Integrations” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.