Xplenty has announced a partnership with Avlino to further accelerate batch processing within Xplenty’s category-leading software.

Under the partnership, Xplenty’s cloud-based, easy-to-use, processing engine, powered by Hadoop, will integrate with Avlino’s Acelero software, reducing data preparation time so that businesses can unlock insight from data more quickly. The combined solution, available now to Xplenty’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) users, will support Rackspace, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM’s SoftLayer later this year.

Data processing today is slow and cumbersome, with most data scientists and business analysts spending up to 80% of their time preparing raw data for analytics.* Xplenty streamlines every aspect of data integration and processing, reducing time spent and allowing businesses to focus on insight over preparation. Available on the cloud, and accessible without any Hadoop expertise or background writing code, Xplenty is completely scalable across an organization, ensuring big data optimization and insight without having to invest in hardware, software, or related personnel.

Avlino’s Acelero is a code-free plugin that accelerates processing jobs, having demonstrated 150% to 300% performance improvement in job execution in customer trials. By integrating Acelero into Xplenty, Xplenty will shorten “time-to-insight” for customers processing raw data through its platform, enabling businesses to more quickly and easily benefit from the opportunities offered by big data. Also, by streamlining’s Xplenty’s batch processing capabilities, Xplenty customers save valuable resources.

“Today, we have the most scalable big data processing platform available,” said Yaniv Mor, Xplenty’s CEO. “Acelero will further optimize the analytics processing time for our customers, helping them unlock insights sooner while also reducing resources previously needed. This partnership supports our mission to shorten the gap from raw data to analytics, while making things even easier for data scientists and business analysts who already spend too much time cleaning data.” 

Acelero is a completely transparent, plug-and-play solution. Partners and users are not required to make any code changes or modify the dataflow to adopt the solution and gain acceleration benefits.

“Ease of use and optimization of IT and operational resources are essential for data analytics,” said Ramana Jampala, Avlino president & CEO. “We are excited about the partnership with Xplenty, which is an industry leader in the data processing category. The Acelero solution further enhances its value proposition and support Xplenty’s efforts as they continue gaining clients in the U.S.”

*The New York Times, “For Big-Data Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights,” 2014


This article was originally posted “Xplenty Integrates With Avlino’s Acelero To Accelerate ‘Time-to-Insight’” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.