NewCloud Networks makes it a point to only deploy cloud infrastructure in the best data center facilities in order to offer maximum-value cloud solutions that feature top performance and reliability at an affordable cost. It’s of significant strategic value for the company to place gear close to endusers for an optimized experience. This approach reduces latency between cloud nodes, as NewCloud aims for less than 40 milliseconds between any hop.

When pulling Midwest customers into its closest data center near Denver, NewCloud found that not all internet service is equal as differences in network performance were noticeable when backhauling the data. After meeting Cologix, NewCloud immediately recognized the tactical and cost advantages of a Midwest node closer to endusers to make the customer experience as good as it can be in the region. Cologix’s Meet-Me-Room in the Columbus carrier hotel offers more peering providers than any other colocation facility in the region to propel NewCloud’s expansion into the Midwest and surrounding areas.

“Cologix presented a unique opportunity to deploy in the most resilient and connected data center in Columbus. With more than 40 on-site carriers, 100% uptime track record, innovative security features, and proactive customer service, Cologix was the ideal choice to further optimize the delivery of NewCloud’s maximum-value cloud solutions to our growing Midwest customer base,” said Kris Hogaboom, vice president, engineering, NewCloud Networks.



NewCloud placed a new full production cloud node in Ohio for closer access to Midwest data origination points. Finding Cologix Columbus is the perfect fit to enable optimized delivery of latency-sensitive applications.

Reducing latency and maintaining 100% uptime is always top of mind for NewCloud, both of which are reliant on the company’s network infrastructure performance. In any given week, NewCloud can encounter 25 different backbone carriers. Additionally, the company can’t predict which existing services customers will bring to the table in terms of MPLS. To eliminate the challenges of connecting, Cologix offers on-site access to all of the networks NewCloud already works with. Cologix’s layer 2 direct connect technologies, multiple ingress and egress points, and peering arrangements make it a lot easier for NewCloud to meet latency requirements in a location within proximity to new and existing customers. With data center locations in New York, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and now Columbus, the data transfer distance to its Midwest customer base is significantly reduced.

 “Our Midwest customers noticed an immediate performance gain when our Columbus site went live with latency measured at less than 20 milliseconds. Through colocation, Cologix helps us accomplish our goal of delivering an ultra-low-latency cloud solution to all of our customers across the U.S.,” said Hogaboom.

NewCloud only uses best-of-breed infrastructure in its stack to deliver high-end services, which is similar to Cologix’s choice of top-of-the-line solutions for its 21 data center facilities throughout North America. The preventative measures Cologix has implemented, from multiple fiber entrances  to ensure there’s always a live connection to the security features, builds a great deal of confidence for NewCloud. Access logs, limited entry, 24/7/365  on-site  security  guards,  man  traps,  and  other  features  guarantee  only  authorized  access  to NewCloud’s production infrastructure. For a company with executives frequently coming and going, it’s important to have data center access to tour prospects in the most professional manner possible, with additional features like conference rooms and Wi-Fi access to ensure high-productivity work continues uninterrupted, even when visiting the facility. Also, compliance with regulations like HIPAA and PCI is a huge asset in winning new business.

From the start, NewCloud’s Cologix provides hands-on, responsive local service unique from other colocation firms. Most providers weren’t willing to invest time into the discovery phase of the deployment to address NewCloud’s  specific  data  center  requirements,  tending  to  stick  to  generic  configurations. With sales support that ensures the company’s needs are met in a customizable package, NewCloud found a colocation partner that works with the company at each step to move its business forward. This personal approach makes it easier for NewCloud to differentiate its services, which, in many cases, entails custom architectured cloud solutions. Additionally, qualified data center technicians on-site 24/7 only augments NewCloud’s sales and operations efforts.


This article was originally posted “Cloud solutions provider branches out into the Midwest” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.