Cogeco Data Services and Peer 1 Hosting has announced the launch of its fully automated True Native Hybrid Cloud™ solution. Businesses can instantly build, provision and scale physical and cloud services through a single, web-based portal on a utility billing basis.

Offered through the fully automated, self-service On Demand Cloud Platform™, True Native Hybrid Cloud™provides customers with the ability to instantly provision a mix of virtual and bare-metal cloud servers. Customers can scale up, add additional capacity and decommission services at any time, paying only for what is used, allowing for true business agility and flexibility during peak demand periods.

The Peer 1 On Demand Cloud Platform™ offers an intuitive web-based user interface where customers and partners can purchase and manage multiple interrelated services and hybrid solutions.Reducing the cost and complexity associated with self-service platforms, The On Demand Cloud Platform™provides a responsive, high-performing environment for infrastructure deployment.

Example use cases include start-ups, SMBs, developers and marketing environments, where low cost exposure, scalability and flexible capacity are essential. It is also a good fit for businesses that have high performance demands. The combination of bare metal and virtual cloud servers provides rapid scalability to meet demand spikes. The On Demand Cloud Platform™ supports business agility by giving customers full control over their hybrid hosting requirements.

Toby Owen, vice president, product management, Cogeco Data Services and Peer 1 Hosting said, “The hybrid cloud market is accelerating considerably and True Native Hybrid Cloud™has been designed specifically to address the market need for ‘true’ hybrid, providing businesses with the ability to instantly provision and easily control bare metal and virtual cloud services via a single web interface. It puts the power back in the hands of the customer, giving them exactly what is required to adapt quickly to changing business requirements.”

Owen continues, “Self-service platforms have long been associated with being too technical, and the On Demand Cloud Platform™ is simple, clear and intuitive, enabling customers to build their solutions by selecting each service according to their exact specifications. Paying only for what is used is everything businesses need to create a responsive, secure, high-performance environment.”


This article was originally posted “Cogeco Data Services And Peer 1 Hosting Enhance Utility Computing Portfolio” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.