1025Connect has announced that DE-CIX is now taking orders for connectivity to its platform in its latest New York-area Point-of-Presence (PoP) at the 1025Connect.  DE-CIX’s platform at 1025Connect is now situated at their easternmost U.S. point.  Dubbed “the Continental Edge,” 1025Connect customers will now benefit from global, leading peering and Layer 2 connectivity solutions.

The DE-CIX access point is set to go live April 15, 2018, providing peering members in New York with direct access to a number of subsea systems and global networks currently located at 1025Connect, including Aqua Comms and Epsilon.  DE-CIX’s premium network interconnection platform will deliver 1025Connect customers access to world-class peering and connectivity solutions that are proven to enhance IP performance.

1025Connect customers now have the opportunity to leverage the capability to deliver a variety of Layer 2 solutions including DE-CIX’s leading GlobePEER Remote Service, which provides turnkey connectivity to DE-CIX Frankfurt, Germany, where over 900 unique networks connect.   DE-CIX’s New York exchange provides reach to over 150 unique networks facilitating direct connectivity for North American, Caribbean, Latin American and European networks seeking peering opportunities with U.S.-based content and network providers.

“Bringing the DE–CIX PoP live at 1025Connect facility has been one of our most anticipated projects,” says Hunter Newby, Partner, 1025Connect.  “When it comes to access to submarine capacity, affordable and robust terrestrial connectivity, direct to cloud interconnection and more, the DE–CIX platform is a critical gateway. Now local and global customers on Long Island can access the world’s leading Internet Exchange point providing unsurpassed connectivity options directly at the Continental Edge.”

“1025Connect is a strategic location for DE-CIX New York, enabling us to extend the reach of our platform and increasing accessibility and connectivity throughout the region,” comments Ed d’Agostino, vice president and general manager, DE-CIX North America. “With our easternmost Internet peering point, now companies reliant on transatlantic network connectivity and other Long Island networks have an option to directly connect to DE-CIX via 1025Connect. This offers companies an opportunity to access an abundance of networks while benefiting from more cost-effective colocation options without monthly cross connect fees.”

1025Connect delivers direct access to a variety of network providers, and multiple submarine cable systems connecting North America, Europe and Latin America, with the additional ability to bypass Manhattan fiber routes for greater network redundancy and diversity.