Cloudnexa has announced the general availability of its next generation vNOC cloud management platform. vNOC enables customers to completely automate and consolidate management of all of their cloud environments with a single view and real-time reporting.

Cloudnexa’s vNOC Management Platform is a key component of the first utility-priced managed services toolkit for managing AWS environments. The platform provides a global view of cloud architecture and environments with layers of value-added capabilities that complement the AWS console. Customers using the new vNOC platform can utilize single sign on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA).

Secure management of cloud environments with a global consolidated view is a critical requirement for today’s cloud users. vNOC enables users to create and manage a trusted cloud computing environment containing a virtual network, instances and storage via workflows and governing policies.

“As a cybersecurity solution provider, it’s critical that we have the right partner to help us manage sensitive workloads in the cloud,” said Curt Hefflin, president and CEO for cyDaptiv Solutions. “The Cloudnexa vNOC cloud management platform meets our compliance and security objectives, while automating AWS management in a way that drives significant time and cost savings.”

New components of the vNOC GA version include:

  • A dynamic graphical user interface with modern design
  • Single page application design powered by Amazon’s CloudFront Service
  • Historical Alerts
  • URL  Monitor and Trusted Advisor Integration
  • AWS SSL Certified Cloud Manager
  • AWS Configuration and CloudTrail
  • vNOC Access Logs
  • Cost Summary Reports

With these advanced features, the vNOC platform:

  • Simplifies management of day-to-day operations of cloud environments;
  • Supports cloud security auditing through a custom integration with both AWS Config and CloudTrail
  • Provides a dynamic user interface into historical data sets
  • Preserves cost savings by letting clients view usage of all their AWS accounts and instances to understand current or historical costs, set budgets and view usage trends across environments.

“Our newest vNOC release continues our pioneering tradition for cloud customers who need an easier way to manage cloud services and save money,” said Joel Davne, founder and CEO for Cloudnexa. “vNOC now provides increased transparency for cloud usage and greater tools to create a trusted cloud computing environment.”

Cloudnexa has also released the “Cloud Journey” e-book, a guide to moving to the cloud using AWS. Sorting and understanding what can be done with AWS’ vast range of services and features will help businesses realize the potential of AWS in the years ahead. To download a copy, visit the website.


This article was originally posted “Cloudnexa vNOC Cloud Management Platform Automates Management Of AWS Environments” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.