Skyscape Cloud Services Limited has announced the launch of its new HybridConnect service. By enabling greater connectivity between public and private cloud platforms, HybridConnect will meet increasing customer demand for cloud solutions that exploit the commercial and technical benefits of Skyscape's assured public sector cloud platform, whilst at the same time leveraging existing investments in legacy systems or using services from competitive cloud providers.

Currently, while it is necessary for public sector organisations to maximise value from their existing assets, including legacy technology, those assets may not be able to support organisations as technical requirements change. As additional capacity is required and transactional services are migrated online, customer requirements are inevitably changing. HybridConnect addresses this by providing secure, scalable and resilient connectivity between secure customer suites within Ark Data Centres, third-party data centres and/or a customer's own facilities, and Skyscape's assured cloud platform.

"We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new HybridConnect service," said Simon Hansford, CEO of Skyscape Cloud Services. "Skyscape has endeavoured to ensure it is the most connected cloud provider to government community networks, such as the PSN Assured service, the encrypted PSN Protected service, legacy GCF networks, the N3 health network and others. HybridConnect extends this further by facilitating the creation of hybrid cloud solutions which federate Skyscape's assured cloud platform with a wide variety of private and public cloud options."

HybridConnect when used with enabling technology such as Cisco InterCloud Fabric or VMware vCloud Connector will make it much easier for customers to transparently move workloads between their own infrastructure, the Skyscape assured cloud platform and other competitive cloud providers. Typical use cases for Skyscape's HybridConnect will be to support disaster recovery solutions, workload migration, supplier independence and cloud burst solutions.

"We believe HybridConnect could significantly benefit both private and public entities," said Huw Owen, CEO at Ark Data Centres. "In particular, this service will support those organisations currently using secure data centres for legacy IT, but with a medium or long-term intention to move towards using an assured cloud service. HybridConnect provides the necessary flexibility to take the first step in a transition to the cloud and demonstrates further innovation and leadership on the part of Skyscape."


This article was originally posted “Skyscape Cloud Services Limited Releases HybridConnect” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.