WinMagic announced the immediate availability of SecureDoc CloudVM in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. WinMagic, an award-winning encryption and intelligent key management security solution provider, is now featured on the Marketplace’s Software Infrastructure + Security category, bringing key management, volume and full disk encryption for customers operating on AWS cloud computing infrastructure. By combining WinMagic’s SecureDoc CloudVM data security solution with the agility and elasticity of AWS public cloud services, enterprises can focus on driving business value, rather than trying to manage multiple security solutions.

SecureDoc CloudVM leverages all the strengths built into WinMagic’s SecureDoc endpoint encryption to provide enterprises with a flexible and high-performing data security solution that protects virtualized and public, private and hybrid cloud workloads and data. SecureDoc CloudVM is offered on both bring-your-own license (BYOL) and subscription models from the marketplace, with several features that apply intelligence to encryption, speed time to market, increase efficiency and reduce risk, such as hourly subscriptions. Some of the powerful performance and security features include:

  • In-guest encryption and enterprise-controlled key management that detaches encryption management from the hypervisor, so keys and data are never exposed to persons outside your organization
  • Cloud IaaS workload protection against data breaches, undisclosed government, or privileged user mishandling
  • Highest performing conversion times allow for quick crypt, snap shot and replicated workloads to be managed without having to decrypt and re-encrypt. And the industry’s only on-line and off-line conversion for both Windows and Linux based VMs
  • Network Pre-Boot that ensures all workloads are authorized before opening, by authenticating workloads against SecureDoc, or authorizing through pre-boot for new workloads
  • Intelligent Key Management & Encryption engine policies that enable granular administration rights such as time, geography, and cloning restrictions to enforce compliance and security requirements like GDPR and data sovereignty


This article was originally posted “SecureDoc CloudVM from WinMagic” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.