Peak 10, Inc. has announced the launch of its Encryption as a Service offering, providing businesses with a location-agnostic solution that encrypts workloads anywhere — a Peak 10 data center, the Peak 10 cloud, an onsite data center, a third party data center or hyperscaler cloud (such as AWS, Azure, etc.).

According to a Peak 10 encryption study, 70% of respondents are expecting to increase or maintain their encryption budgets this year. Encryption as a Service will allow Peak 10 to continue meeting customer demand for secure, scalable solutions among the industry’s most robust suite of solutions.

Cybercrime is a $400 billion global enterprise, and increasing daily. Working as a reliable last line of defense for protecting sensitive data, essentially scrambling information and rendering it inaccessible to those without the keys, encryption has become a critical tool for any organization’s security posture as large-scale hacks have crippled American businesses for weeks at a time. Peak 10’s Encryption as a Service allows businesses to protect critical customer and proprietary data, while retaining complete control over encryption keys, which means they retain control over who can decrypt data. Additionally, the solution offers privileged user controls and policies that dictate access to data as well as full audit logs.

With Encryption as a Service, customers can more fully leverage Peak 10’s services, allowing for seamless implementation of its solutions, including cloud, infrastructure, disaster recovery and object storage. These offerings allow customers to benefit from previously inaccessible business advantages, including faster to-market time, increased agility and a considerable reduction in costs. Additionally, Encryption as a Service is compatible with existing applications and appliances, giving customers full access to their encryption keys and data assets.


This article was originally posted “Encryption as a Service from Peak 10” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.