Founded in 1985, Ecritel specializes in 24/7/365 managed cloud computing and eBusiness solutions, which are delivered from offices around the world. As one of the trailblazers in the digital communications field, Ecritel offers strong managed cloud infrastructure, eCommerce platforms, and transactional infrastructure as a service (IaaS), supported by a content delivery network (CDN).

Building a network independently can be difficult as the capital expense is quite prohibitive.  As Ecritel approached expansion across North America to build on its international platform, the company sought a colocation data center provider to host Ecritel’s central cloud infrastructure, focusing on the following requirements:

  • Anchor point for North America expansion from Europe
  • Downtown Montreal data center provider
  • Access to a number of network carriers and cross connects to other colocation customers
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Low latency for applications
  • On-site technical support
  • Data center committed to improvements
  • Stringent SLA with data center policies & procedures in place
  • Solid physical security features
  • Practical pricing

Grounded in these requirements, the company now counts on Cologix Montreal to link to the main peering points and transit operators in Eastern Canada.

By colocating in Montreal at the natural interconnection point of the long haul fiber routes to Europe, New York, and Toronto, Ecritel’s global offering reaps the benefits of prime connectivity. This is particularly helpful as the company maintains sites in main economic zones, including a corporate headquarters in Paris, France as well as a location in New York, which connects to Ecritels’ Montreal footprint. For a company that builds its network using other networks, having direct access to a diverse set of more than 75 network carriers is vital. By connecting to carriers via colocation instead of connecting its facilities through internal efforts, Ecritel has 10 times the capacity for a quarter of the price. Additionally, a Montreal location offers access to a growing tech market with an expanding number of video game companies, movie producers and many other organizations opening in Montreal, which require services that Ecritel offers.

Ecritel hosts eCommerce and cloud computing solutions that are operated on a facility-management basis. The company’s high-availability platform facilitates online shopping for clients with high volume traffic and unpredictable peak periods. Additionally, Ecritel’s multi-operator CDN offers a 30,000 server capacity, which requires high availability, low latency, and optimal performance from the company’s colocation connectivity. In response to customer requirements for service delivery in a predictable, reliable and consistent manner, Ecritel guarantees clients a high degree of service availability and responsiveness when it comes to managing infrastructure. Through multiple cross connect redundancy, Ecritel meets these  promises 24/7/365.

“We have benefited from Cologix cross connects, especially connecting to Tata Communications, GTT Communications and Fibrenoire,” noted Geoffrey Vande Weerdt managing director, Ecritel Canada.  “We have built our global backbone on these providers. Our overall experience with Cologix has been very good, with key benefits including strong, reliable and redundant data centers with 100% SLA availability. We also appreciate the investment Cologix has made in their data centers for continuous facility improvements.”

Cologix Montreal data centers provide total redundancy as well as security features, fire prevention, and network access, enabling Ecritel to focus on controlling and fluxing optimization, load balancing and other key tasks to manage their offering. The facilities require visitor check in and badges while providing video surveillance and 24/7 on-site guards, among other security features. Ecritel rests assured knowing the electrical infrastructure receives regular maintenance, while the company can also leverage this technical expertise through Cologix’s Remote Hands service. Through this solution, Ecritel does not have to send out a technician each time they have a network infrastructure matter to address, which can become a very valuable asset in terms of reduced resource outlay.


This article was originally posted “Cloud infrastructure provider benefits from colocation” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.