IBM has announced that analyst firm Synergy Research acknowledges IBM as a top performer and leader in the private and hybrid cloud space for 2015.

The recent global cloud market analysis1 revealed that the total spend on infrastructure hardware and software to build cloud exceeded $60 billion worldwide, while spend on a range of public, private and hybrid cloud services exceeded $50 billion. Spend on private and hybrid cloud services are growing at 45 percent per-year.

Synergy Research's findings around Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and hybrid and private cloud, clearly confirms IBM's position as one of the market leaders in cloud. Use of hybrid and private clouds continues to pickup momentum because they give organizations greater control of their data, improved application performance and efficiencies, enhanced collaboration all while helping to centralize IT management. As a result, businesses not only reduce costs but achieve greater efficiencies. IBM has been aiding clients in their migration to hybrid cloud solutions for years.

IBM Cloud delivers fast, easy and automated access to public, private and hybrid cloud services to help clients digitally transform. IBM Cloud is a growing collection of services including analytics, mobile, networking, storage, Internet of Things and cognitive computing. With more than 40 global cloud data centers, IBM helps companies securely manage and gain insight into their data no matter where it resides.

1.    Worldwide Cloud Infrastructure Services Market Share, Q3 2015


This article was originally posted “Report: IBM Ranked #1 Hybrid Cloud Provider By Synergy Research” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.