As the main platform for Dell’s Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) with U2 Cloud offering, U2 Cloud is pioneering the next generation of fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) and WaaS solutions for business and consumer users. Customers can securely connect to their own private computer workspace from any location or device anytime and leverage the latest hosted versions of their favorite applications among the more than 100 Windows certified applications offered by U2 Cloud. The company focuses on innovation and business continuity by delivering a rich, tailored user experience supported by unparalleled performance.

The U2 Cloud platform depends on data centers to replicate client data safely and securely, requiring a compliant, storm-proof, controlled access data center powered by redundant infrastructure to serve customers nationwide. After evaluating Jacksonville, FL, data center providers for some time, U2 Cloud found a match with Cologix’s infrastructure and team. 

“Through our work with Cologix Jacksonville, we’ve increased profits and reduced costs,” noted Pete Valentine, U2 Cloud chief technology officer. “The relationship gives U2 Cloud the ability to expand and contract as business needs change, with Cologix’s astute attention on a symbiotic relationship and how they can help us grow. With the suboceanic cables coming from Latin America into Jacksonville, I believe it will be a big boom for the market and prescient on Cologix’s part — a bigger deal than people realize.”

With agents working from home in different areas of North America, U2 Cloud’s founders and parent company recognized the need for a compliant compute infrastructure to enable safe and secure access to data, ultimately realizing a common need for this in the commercial world. This was the beginning of U2 Cloud, which required a compliant data center to get off the ground. Uniting with Cologix Jacksonville, U2 Cloud benefits from Cologix managing the costly, arduous compliance process, including an SSAE 16 Type 2 audit, which differentiates Cologix from the smaller data centers in the area.

The facility was a big piece in U2 Cloud’s choice of Cologix’s JAX 2 data center, which is a category 5 rated building featuring reinforced walls, drop-down steel door barriers, and honeycomb steel screens on the windows capable of stopping a 200 mph projectile. With indispensable disaster recovery and office space in the data center, U2 Cloud staff has a safe and secure place to work through client and internal issues, even in the event of a catastrophe.

The majority of corporate data theft happens within a company’s facility. With a cloud environment in a secure Cologix data center featuring RFID and biometric checkpoints, a turnstile mantrap and 24/7 guards on-site, the only individuals with access to U2 Cloud’s secure cage are U2 Cloud team members.

U2 Cloud also found nice synergies with Cologix, finding a similar quality of service and staying with the data center due to the flexibility and match made. On several occasions, unique needs arose that required U2 Cloud to increase bandwidth in peak events, and throughout, Cologix has always been very flexible to expand or contract as needed.  Approaching business holistically, Cologix is vested in offering good services and not competing with clients — this differentiates Cologix from competitors like a Peak 10.

Throughout the years working with Cologix’s data center in Jacksonville, there’s been reciprocity of business leads, with the Cologix team instilling a sense of confidence that any business will be handled with a white glove approach and followed through to a successful implementation, with all needs met. Both company’s teams maintain an open line of communication, discussing challenges or potential clients who can benefit from either organization, with both delivering a good job when brought to the table.

“Cologix Jacksonville is really focused on delivering the right solution to the customer based on the benefits, and this is how we’ve maintained a good business relationship,” said Valentine. “The data center team is always on board to troubleshoot solutions, even providing help and direction when not involved in the problem – time and time again I’ve seen this. Cologix gains trust by being that consultant, that ally, and when built on a successful infrastructure with no problems, that trust builds and builds.”


This article was originally posted “Cloud services provider finds shelter from the storm” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.