Nimbix has announced the release of its JARVICE 2.0 cloud platform. The new High-Performance Computing (HPC) innovation simplifies compute-intensive engineering/simulation, rendering and analytics by reducing complex configuration and tedious data movement.  

“HPC sites are entrusting more simulation and high-performance data analysis workflows to cloud computing as cloud capabilities and convenience grow,” said Steve Conway, IDC research vice president for HPC and HPDA. “Nimbix is a leader in providing access to cloud resources that are designed with these workloads in mind, including CPUs, GPGPUs, Intel Phi, FPGAs, DSPs, applications and management software.”

"JARVICE is the best solution for accessing the power of modern NVIDIA GPU accelerators, in the cloud—with minimal effort. The flexibility afforded by the 2.0 version allows us to use GPU hardware in a true, on-demand fashion,” said Paul Arden, CEO, migenius.  “With startup times measured in the seconds instead of minutes, our customers can rapidly scale-out when needed.”

With its high-performance computing capabilities and low learning curve, JARVICE 2.0 provides the best value for computationally intensive workflows to be conducted in the cloud.  The JARVICE 2.0 innovation also includes JARVICE Vaults enabling users to choose their specific requirements for storage, capacity, performance and cost, without sacrificing compatibility with existing applications and workflows.  Additional key capabilities include:

  • Expanded Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities for developers and ISVs to quickly and easily onboard new applications and workflows.
  • Improved controls for enterprise security and accounting, including user “teams” and richer itemized billing.
  • Private cloud - JARVICE can be licensed for use on premises or on managed infrastructure.

“JARVICE 2.0 represents the best purpose-built architecture for machine learning, simulation, real-time photorealistic rendering, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) for bioinformatics and many other HPC needs,” said Leo Reiter, CTO, Nimbix. “With this announcement, we are enabling our customers to move beyond searching for information, and into the phase of deriving insight from massive data sets.”


This article was originally posted “Nimbix Releases Jarvice 2.0 Platform” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.