Webair has announced the enhancement of its comprehensive Cloud-based Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution powered by Zerto®. The Webair offering provides remote enterprise customers fast and efficient recovery and restoration of their data and applications, whether their workloads reside in their own data center or in Webair’s high-performance Cloud, including healthcare organizations that require HIPAA-HITECH compliant solutions.

Webair’s DRaaS backed by Zerto is a Virtual Machine-centric (VM-centric), hardware-agnostic solution that provides scalable replication with off-site backup. The solution enables customers to meet continuity and compliance requirements, providing differentiated service levels as well as a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of seconds and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of minutes. Leveraging Zerto’s hypervisor-based data replication software, Webair provides customers with real-time monitoring of RTOs and RPOs that is easy to manage and set-up with just a few mouse clicks. Webair automates all possible tasks to ensure faster recovery and integrates with third-party services via Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to automate any required changes or notifications.

“Webair has been providing DRaaS to enterprises, including healthcare, financial services and eCommerce firms, for years. With the addition of Zerto, we are now able to offer customers who cannot afford to place their digital assets in jeopardy under any circumstances an even more efficient, reliable solution to protect their data and applications, and mitigate vulnerability,” states Sagi Brody, chief technology officer of Webair. “The reality is that power grid failures, extreme weather events and data loss are both unpredictable and inevitable, but customers’ critical assets can remain protected and they have options. Our Disaster Recovery solutions can be run for our customers on our own clouds, or for customers running VMware at their own location or a third-party data center; they can easily replicate to Webair in real-time.”

Utilizing Webair’s DRaaS backed by Zerto, customers have full visibility into their Disaster Recovery (DR) environment, including replication monitoring and reporting, as well as the ability to set-up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel, Metro Ethernet, or Point-to-Point link for data replication. Clients also have complete access to their DR site during testing and failover. Additionally, customers can login and fully test their disaster recovery plans without impacting production. Webair also works with customers to build custom Disaster Recovery Run Books, which outline processes and step-by-step directions for organizational preparedness, escalation and system restoration, enabling businesses to efficiently recover from any outage or failure. Moreover, in addition to VM-to-VM replication, Webair also provides Direct Storage Disaster Recovery services, which work with all popular storage vendors and technologies. By enabling this seamless integration, Webair fully manages clients’ VMware environment as well as any third-party storage services working alongside it.


This article was originally posted “Webair Adds Zerto To DRaaS Offerings” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.