Webair has announced it is a Veeam Cloud Provider offering Webair Cloud backup using Veeam Cloud Connect from Veeam® Software, the innovative provider of solutions that delivers Availability for the Modern Data Center™.  The Webair offering enables remote enterprise customers to keep off-site backups of their mission-critical applications in Webair’s high-performance cloud, including healthcare organizations that require HIPAA-HITECH compliant solutions.  Veeam Cloud Connect is Veeam’s technology that makes it easy to connect to repositories in the cloud and efficiently maintain off-site copies of backups.

Webair Cloud backup features enterprise storage tiers, multiple physical locations, and the ability to use public Internet for data transfer. Webair’s offering also supports direct connectivity and the ability to spin-up backups directly onto Webair’s secure, reliable Public and Private Clouds.  Webair has also elected to provide enterprises with fully managed Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) powered by Veeam Backup & Replication™ because of its ease of functionality and flexible licensing for service providers.

“Veeam Cloud Connect offers enterprises a scalable and agile technology that enables multiple, efficient options for getting backups off-site to one of Webair’s redundant data center facilities across the globe,” says Sagi Brody, Chief Technology Officer of Webair.  “Every enterprise, but especially healthcare organizations, eCommerce sites and financial institutions, require seamless, secure and efficient backup of mission-critical data to the Cloud in order to protect their business and their brand.  Webair’s Cloud Connect service provides that peace of mind and added layer of protection.”

“We would never offer our customers a technology we wouldn’t use ourselves.  Our technicians have achieved a unique level of expertise with Veeam given that we use the platform in Webair’s public and private cloud,” Brody adds.

In the event of disaster, enterprises using Webair’s BaaS or Cloud Connect service can restore entire Virtual Machines (VMs), VM files, VM hard disks and VM guest OS files from the Cloud with just a few mouse clicks.  Additionally, Webair makes data seeding simple and efficient by enabling customers to send seed data via physical external disks. Moreover, data retrieval is also convenient.  Customers may request to have their backups placed on external disks and physically shipped to a specified location or pick up their datasets from one of Webair’s physical data center locations around the globe, 24x7x365.


This article was originally posted “Webair Announces Off-Site Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.