Zadara™ Storage and Zunesis have announced that Zadara’s award-winning Virtual Private Storage Array™ (VPSA™) platform is now available as part of the Zunesis storage-as-a-service offering.

An increasing number of corporations are recognizing that the traditional model of capacity acquisition and management is broken, and it will not scale to support their businesses. IT organizations are being asked to reduce costs while at the same time provide immediately available, agile, and reliable enterprise-grade storage. The historical model of vendor evaluation, negotiation, contract review, installation, management, and then repeating the cycle every 3-5 years does not support this goal. Additionally, the need to over-provision resources and dedicate Capital Expense (CapEx) has become unacceptable in most organizations. An increasing number of these companies are turning to the cloud to address this problem, and they are quickly realizing the answer is not to exclusively deploy cloud or on-premise storage. The answer, rather, is to use a hybrid model incorporating the best of both environments.

Zunesis has selected Zadara Storage as its partner for enterprise storage-as-a-service to create a unified cloud and on-premise software-defined storage (SDS) solution. Leveraging the Zadara Storage VPSA’s flexible, high performance, pay-as-you-go model, Zunesis is now able to provide its customers a solution that addresses the scalability, manageability, and economic limitations of traditional storage arrays.

“We are seeing a tremendous shift in our customers’ requirements,” said Mitch Ross, vice president of sales at Zunesis. “As their data capacity needs grow and shrink, they need a flexible storage solution that will accommodate their data patterns. The economic benefits and flexibility of the cloud are proven; and as the storage market moves to the cloud, we needed a partner who could provide a world-class storage-as-a-service solution. Zadara was the only company that provided enterprise-grade storage in a pay-as-you-go model.”

“Zunesis is a fantastic partner for Zadara Storage,” said Doug Jury, vice president of Americas sales, Zadara Storage. “They have built a strong reputation for their deep technical knowledge and their ability to align IT infrastructures with corporate goals. Zunesis is well-positioned to help their customers take advantage of a growing shift in the market from traditional storage to elastic, flexible storage services that increase agility while dramatically reducing costs. We are thrilled to be adding Zunesis to our family of partners.”


This article was originally posted “Zunesis Expands Its Cloud Solutions Portfolio With Zadara Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.