Faction has announced that its enterprise-class cloud platform is a game changer for the world’s largest independent luxury hotel brand, Preferred Hotels & Resorts. By moving its production and backup environments to Faction’s cloud, Preferred Hotels & Resorts can now extend greater customization capabilities and on-demand resources, along with increased flexibility and control, to its IT department.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts offers a wide variety of reliable sales, marketing, distribution, and technology services to more than 650 luxury hotels across 85 countries, ensuring superior performance for all hotels, company associates, and loyal guests. In its search for a new cloud provider, Preferred Hotels & Resorts sought the advice of its IT partner, CDW , a multi-brand technology solutions and services provider with a cloud team representing multiple cloud service providers covering all major cloud categories. CDW vetted multiple providers for the solution, and together with Preferred Hotels & Resorts, chose Faction as the best fit. 

“Since Faction is one of our top cloud-based partners for businesses due to their technical expertise and high touch service model, we felt they would be a great fit for meeting Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ IT requirements,” states Rich Korn, Senior AIM Specialist for CDW.  “After comparing them to a few other options, Faction did the best job architecting a reliable and successful migration plan for Preferred Hotels & Resorts.”

Faction’s migration plan included a backup and transfer of Preferred Hotel & Resorts’ data, and the operations commenced directly on Faction’s cloud infrastructure, using Faction’s patented Layer 2 Direct Connect topology. Faction’s cloud now supports Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ production environment for more than 250 associates, including email applications, file exchange, Microsoft Office, along with testing and development. By leveraging Faction’s cloud, Preferred Hotels & Resorts also has a robust disaster recovery operation in place and can restore data in minutes, further ensuring that its end-users, hotels, and associates can always access their email, applications and internal systems.

“Our transition to Faction was without a doubt one of the best migrations we’ve ever had,” states Charles Zieres, vice president, IT, Preferred Hotels & Resorts. “Faction’s commitment to our success, rapid response time, and ability to implement new initiatives in a matter of days makes the company an ideal partner.”

“The Faction solution is a private cloud exclusively for Preferred Hotels & Resorts — not shared, providing them greater control and flexibility to fine tune its dedicated storage, compute and bandwidth resource pools safely and dynamically,“ comments Luke Norris , chief executive officer of Faction. “Preferred Hotels & Resorts also now has deeper access to its environment with a dedicated VMware vCenter management portal accessible from anywhere. Since Faction constantly upgrades its internal cloud components, Operating System versions, software and network capacity, Preferred Hotels & Resorts can ensure it is continuously innovating and testing the latest enhancements.”

Operating cloud nodes located across eight geographies in the United States and Europe, Faction offers a solid core of compute, storage, and state-of-the-art network resources, which customers can build out with the exact components they need to make the cloud their own.


This article was originally posted “Faction Secures Deal With Preferred Hotels & Resorts” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.