Faction has announced that its enterprise-class cloud computing service now powers the Chicago Sun-Times' news platform. The high performance cloud solution elevates the Chicago Sun-Times' content management system, improving the accessibility to their journalists, staff and by addressing the specific requirements for both print and digital environments.

As an integral part of getting the news out to its readers, the Chicago Sun-Times' content management system is the repository for their journalists and staff to submit stories, store research, and manage a vast amount of information every day. Looking for an economical way to streamline their print news applications, the Chicago Sun-Times consulted with their partner, MNJ Technologies. Creating new efficiencies, MNJ helped the Chicago Sun-Times implement virtualization by transitioning their applications to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud offering, fueled by Faction. Now, residing in the Faction cloud, the content management system is used to pull in online stories from WordPress that can then easily be used for print.

"The Chicago Sun-Times is dedicated to providing high quality content to its readers in both print and online environments; the technology platform that Faction provides allows us to keep news relevant and timely," states Tom Masilak, senior director of information technology for the Chicago Sun-Times. "With MNJ's help, coupled with Faction's flexible cloud platform, we are able to move forward with the latest in technology and still enjoy significant CAPEX savings. We liked that Faction's cloud node is located very close to us, keeping storage and compute local and reducing latency overall."

"MNJ works closely with companies to determine the most optimal way to leverage the cloud, whether it is for outsourcing certain applications or using the cloud for disaster recovery and avoidance," states Eric Mueller, director of cloud services for MNJ Technologies. "We help clients build hybrid environments centered around their critical business needs first — with flexibility built in to adjust as their requirements change, and then manage it based on how much or how little they need."

"Faction is always excited to bring the power of the cloud to our partners and their end-users," comments Luke Norris, CEO for Faction. "We purposely design cloud solutions the way customers want it, with deep access and broad customization capabilities, as we truly understand that no two solutions are alike. Our partners know when we are introduced to their clients that we will work hard to understand the goals and pains of what they are experiencing and design flexible environments to accommodate."

Faction designs maximum control and flexibility for clients and partners through dedicated virtualization management portals, dedicated resources, an agnostic technology platform, and 100% money back Service Level Agreement (SLA). The company operates cloud nodes located across eight geographies in the United States and Europe including Silicon Valley, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, and the United Kingdom.


This article was originally posted “Faction Cloud Powers The Chicago Sun-Times” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.