IBM is unveiling a new set of services for IBM's platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Bluemix, that enable developers to quickly infuse new analytics capabilities into cloud-based applications.

The new IBM Cloud tools are designed to help developers broaden the capabilities of their applications to give users a more robust cloud experience that enables integration of data analytics and visualization seamlessly in their apps. They include:

IBM Streaming Analytics service is now in open beta; providing capability to instantaneously analyze data, scaling to thousands of sources, on the cloud. Streaming Analytics service enables an easier and more efficient way to visualize data. The service is completely scalable; dynamically building out the infrastructure as needed, giving developers time to focus on building important business logic and analytics.

IBM dashDB™ is a generally available high performance, massively scalable cloud data warehouse service that enables simple and speedy information management, analytics and business intelligence operations in the cloud. Among the updates to dashDB include:

Enabling Enterprise Performance: IBM added MPP (massively parallel processing) capabilities to enable faster query processing and overall scalability.

Compatibility Enhancements: With Oracle and Netezza compatibility, dashDB MPP easily connects with existing database investments to reach new performance heights built on massively parallel processing cluster architecture.

Existing Ecosystem Integration: Businesses can solve harder problems faster with built-in Netezza analytics libraries, and integration with Watson Analytics, R, Cognos and third party BI toolsets including Looker, Aginity Workbench and Tableau. dashDB can integrate with Twitter data and Open Data, and supports data preparation with DataWorks.

Developers can access these new services here:

The developer-friendly, open-standards-based Bluemix catalog includes over 100 tools and services of the most prominent open-source technologies combined with IBM and third-party services that allow developers to build, run and manage cloud applications with more flexibility. IBM launched Bluemix via a $1 billion investment in 2014, rapidly becoming the largest Cloud Foundry deployment in the world, and was recently shown to be growing 10-times faster than the overall PaaS market by research firm ESG.

Combining Bluemix and IBM Design Thinking methodology, the Bluemix Garage network creates a bridge between the scale of enterprises and the culture of startups, by establishing physical collaboration spaces housed in the heart of thriving entrepreneurial communities around the world, including successful implementations in San Francisco, London, and Toronto.


This article was originally posted “IBM Releases New Cloud Tools For PaaS” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.