CloudPhysics and Dasher Technologies Inc. have announced a partnership in which Dasher can deliver Virtualization Infrastructure Assessment services powered by CloudPhysics and can resell CloudPhysics' award-winning SaaS solution. This year at the Dasher Technologies' User Tech Forum attendees will have the opportunity to receive a free Datacenter Insights Report of their virtual infrastructure this Thursday, March 12th in San Jose.

CloudPhysics' offering uses the power of big data analytics to uncover hidden operational hazards before problems emerge as well as identify radical efficiency improvements in storage, compute and networking with VMware workloads, giving IT more power than ever before to understand, troubleshoot and optimize their virtualized datacenters.

Dasher Technologies' Virtualization Infrastructure Assessment, powered by CloudPhysics, brings the tools, expertise and infrastructure needed to scope a virtual infrastructure, examine configurations and compatibilities, predict potential problems, and surface opportunities for greater efficiency. The infrastructure can also be benchmarked against an identity-protected global data set of thousands of other organizations and VMware best practices. All of this is provided through a lightweight collector that takes just minutes to download and activate, enabling Dasher to deliver insights and drive greater infrastructure reliability for customers on an ongoing basis, without disrupting the datacenter operations or consuming cycles from the IT team.

"VMware vSphere delivers many operational benefits to organizations but making sure customers get the most out of their VMware investment, especially as an environment grows and changes, is an ongoing challenge," said Chris Saso, EVP, Technology of Dasher Technologies. "We're always looking for innovation that serves our customers. CloudPhysics' unique ability to provide deep visibility helps us accelerate our ability to deliver additional value to our clients." 

"Our mission is to continuously deliver insights to IT teams for actively managing the dynamics of their virtualized infrastructures," said Jeffrey Hausman, CEO of CloudPhysics. "We're excited to work with well-respected channel partner Dasher Technologies to expand our ability to serve the market." 


Complimentary Datacenter Insights Report

Attendees of this week's Dasher Technologies User Tech Forum can stop by the CloudPhysics booth to receive a complimentary Datacenter Insights Report, a valuable collection of insights that is usually included with a paid Virtual Infrastructure Assessment. The report benchmarks key parameters of their virtual infrastructure against others in the VMware community, VMware best practices, and other variables that indicate the health and safety of their environment.


This article was originally posted “CloudPhysics And Dasher Technologies Partner” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.