RackWare has announced the availability of RackWare Management Module (RMM) for Self-Service Disaster Recovery (DR) to SoftLayer.

"We are excited to announce the industry's first DRaaS solution for SoftLayer. Our software helps enterprises leverage SoftLayer as a seamless extension of their internal infrastructure to scale and protect their modern, as well as complex enterprise applications with unprecedented ease," said Sash Sunkara, CEO of RackWare.

The new solution, available April 2nd, enables enterprises to use SoftLayer as part of their DR strategy, and introduces a self-service wizard that guides an IT end-user through the steps involved in replicating a workload environment into SoftLayer and setting up sync, DR and failback policies. RackWare allows enterprises to use SoftLayer as a seamless extension of their internal infrastructure, including legacy, as well as modern applications, for easy DR, migrations and hybrid scaling. Now, with the self-service wizard for SoftLayer, application owners can protect all workloads including physical, cloud and virtual, to SoftLayer with click-through ease and without the need to acquire new server, storage and networking equipment for DR.

Consider using DRaaS if the alternative is the acquisition of entirely new server and storage equipment," said John P Morency, Research VP at Gartner whose coverage area includes management of disaster recovery and IT resiliency in the report, "When to Use and Avoid Disaster Recovery as a Service," published 16 October 2014.


This article was originally posted “RackWare Releases RackWare Management Module” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.