Ensim Corporation has announced the availability of Ensim IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Manager 3.3 for VMware. Powered by the Ensim Automation Suite, Ensim IaaS Manager for VMware provides a complete provisioning, orchestration and administration solution for ESXi hypervisors managed by VMware vCenter / vSphere® or vCloud® Director®. Ensim IaaS Manager enables the rapid and effective creation of offers from a service providers’ own public cloud, as well as specific customer private and hybrid clouds.  In addition, Ensim supports a wide variety of public clouds like vCloud Air™ to enable service providers to resell these with full automation for storefront, service catalog, usage tracking, and billing via a simplified self-service, role-based portal for the end-users, customer admins, IT admins, agents, and resellers.

With IaaS Manager, Ensim supports virtual machine management via ordering of individual preconfigured virtual machines (VPS), or virtual data centers (VDC) where resources can be custom configured into any VM configuration.   

The latest features of Ensim IaaS Manager for VMware include:

  • Pay-Per-Use (PPU) and Hybrid implementation for VDC-based orders, enabling users to buy a VDC with or without specifying a quantity for the items when placing an order.
  • Enhanced VDC reports that shows charted data on reserved amounts, PPU amounts, consumed amount and the reservation percentage used values and comprehensive system reports for service provider administrators to view resource pools, port groups and datastores allocated to each customer.
  • Clustering and definable provisioning logic to allow customers to specify which cluster to be used when ordering a VDC.
  • Enhanced VDC storage management to enable multi-tier storage and allow selection of different types/tiers/pools of storage.
  • Ensim IaaS Manager for VMware is hardware and network agnostic and supports deployments on leading infrastructure solutions such as: Cisco, EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, Dell, IBM, HP and more.

“Ensim works closely with VMware to offer outstanding support for its latest cloud technologies including VMware vCloud Director and VMware vCloud Automation Center™,” said David Wippich, CEO, Ensim. “We are pleased to bring service providers and enterprises an end-to-end solution to cost-effectively provide BSS/OSS functionality with multi-tenant and dedicated deployment architectures and enhanced functionality to support VDC orders.”


This article was originally posted “Ensim Debuts Latest Enhancements To IaaS Manager For vCenter™” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.