The Fiber Optics Technology Consortium (FOTC) of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has elected its slate of officers for 2018. Serving for his eleventh consecutive term as Consortium Chair is Rodney Casteel RCDD/NTS/OSP/DCDC, CommScope; Vice Chair is Lee Kellett, AFL/Light Brigade; the Standards Chair is Cindy Montstream RCDD/NTS, CPLP, Legrand; Membership Chair is Jim Davis, Fluke Networks; and Communications Chair is Betsy Conroy, The Siemon Company.

“The role of the Fiber Optics Technology Consortium continues to evolve,” said Casteel. “As networks get faster and bandwidth needs increase, more fiber is being installed in every aspect of the network, from supporting wireless networks to powering edge computing. This exponential growth in the use of fiber increases the need for information and training among network designers, consultants and end users. The strength of the FOTC lies in unified, vendor neutral message that comes from all the major players in the industry.” 

In 2018 the FOTC will continue to focus on providing educational materials including webinars and seminars. “In 2017 we hosted ten webinars, all of which earned attendees BICSI Continuing Education Credits,” said Casteel. “The desire for training continues to drive our priorities as the number of attendees continues to increase.” Casteel also said that the FOTC is starting a new initiative: a series of podcasts that will discuss standards. “People look to the FOTC to help them understand and interpret standards. These short podcasts will help people stay compliant with standards which is crucial to continued network performance.”