Interxion Holding NV has announced that Packet Host Inc. (Packet) has expanded its presence to Interxion’s Marseille data centre campus.

Packet is the leading bare-metal cloud for developers. Its proprietary technology automates physical servers and networks without the use of virtualization or multi-tenancy — powering over 60k deployments each month from 16 global locations. By expanding into Interxion’s Marseille facility, Packet will enable its customers to run compute and data-intensive workloads closer to their end users.

“Packet expanding its presence to Interxion Marseille is further evidence of the location becoming a hub for cloud and content distribution platforms,” said Vincent in’ t Veld, vice president, platforms at Interxion. “With over 130 carriers, four internet exchanges and 13 subsea cables, Interxion’s Marseille campus will support the rising demand for Packet’s services around the world.”

Packet has seen a rapid increase in demand for its services from industries including online gaming, video streaming, IoT and telecoms. As the Mediterranean hub for content distribution and Europe’s gateway to the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, Interxion’s Marseille campus will provide the connectivity Packet needs to reach its customers in these regions.

The expansion was aligned to support Packet’s customer Hatch, a subscription video game streaming service that is demonstrating its technology at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.  With its new presence in Interxion Marseille, Packet will enable Hatch to demonstrate a seamless, low-latency gaming experience to attendees in Barcelona.

“This Marseille expansion is a perfect example of how we can quickly deploy custom, automated infrastructure to nearly any market in the world,” said Zachary Smith, CEO at Packet. “As we work with innovative clients like Hatch to push services ever closer to the edge, Interxion continues to be a valuable partner that aligns perfectly with our needs.”

This announcement comes as part of a larger rollout of Packet’s expansion in Interxion data centre’s across Europe. With a presence already in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and now in Marseille, Packet plans to expand to other Interxion facilities in 2018.