IndependenceIT’s Cloud Workspace® Suite version 5.1 is an integrated automation software platform has been enhanced with several new features to facilitate the management and delivery of software defined data centers (SDDCs), workspaces, applications, and data to users anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

As MSPs, CSPs, and ISVs support business efforts to digitally transform their operations, much of their success will follow the deployment of cloud-based workspaces. Rapid adoption of Cloud Workspaces has accelerated in recent years and is expected to skyrocket with recent research showing global sales set to reach US $18.37 billion by 2022(1). With a focus on cloud enablement for service providers, IndependenceIT has been at the forefront of innovation in this space. Today’s release of Cloud Workspace Suite version 5.1 furthers the functionality of its platform with several new capabilities.


Cloud Workspace Suite Software Enhancements

  • Support for Windows 2016 Session Server: CWS 5.1 will support Windows Server 2016 server versions for all supported platforms. Windows 2016 Server provides the “Windows 10” desktop experience for shared RDS session users and enables configuration options such as GPU assignment for graphics intensive applications.

  • Full Stack Support for Microsoft Azure Resource Manager: Microsoft has recommended migrating from the traditional encryption key/delegated account user entitlement model to the Azure Resource Manager model. Microsoft Azure Resource Manager is a framework that enables users to work with the resources within a solution as a group. The required authentication attributes are collected once during software defined data center (SDDC) deployment and then reused for other Microsoft Azure activities without the need for re-entry or re-authentication.

  • Support for Office 365 Single Authentication: Microsoft Office 365 utilizes an authentication model that requires end users to enter credentials every time they use the office productivity suite on a new computer or device. The enhanced CWS platform eliminates this requirement by using a User Profile Disk implementation to cache the credentials in the user’s profile disk, which follows the user across session servers and improves the start-up time for user sessions.

  • Hypervisor/Cloud Direct Template Management: Configuration and management of hypervisor templates for session and data servers are time consuming tasks for administrators. Version 5.1 incorporates server template management directly into the CWS Web Application. Automated hypervisor management functions include the creation of a server instance based on an existing template or Windows VM image; direct connection/login to the created server for installation of applications from the CWS Web App; automatic template creation/Windows sysprep from the configured server instance, and validation of application paths and installs from within CWS to eliminate the need for accessing the hypervisor or cloud service dashboard directly.

  • Administrator Defined Automation: CWS also provides improved deployment/management automation for service providers with Administrator Defined Automation of tasks/script execution. With this enhancement, version 5.1 will significantly speed deployments, simplify management, and reduce overhead costs. CWS Administrator Defined Automation will allow for the installation or upgrading of applications based on events, allowing partners to trigger automated application installations using this method. IndependenceIT will also provide several task type templates to supplement application install capabilities with this release.

1. Transparency Research, Workspace as a Service (WaaS) Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2015 - 2022.


This article was originally posted “Cloud Management from IndependenceIT” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.