ASCO Power Technologies has released two ASCO 5800 SERIES Load Management Units. These wall-mounted devices connect and disconnect loads using a facility’s automatic transfer switches to maximize generator utilization. The new Model 5810 and Model 5850 provide cost-effective solutions in devices that are easy to deploy and operate. Using user-defined prioritization schedules and overload thresholds, ASCO’s newest units reduce impacts of power outages by optimizing utilization of generator capacity to keep more loads online. They are perfect for making existing generator capacity go further.

The Model 5850 provides a standalone load management solution with sophisticated features. It proactively compares the real power output of a backup power system to a user-defined threshold and automatically transfers load to a generator when sufficient capacity becomes available. When connected load exceeds the threshold, the Model 5850 removes the lowest-priority ATS to avoid generator overload. The Model 5850 can simultaneously manage loads for up to two generators and eight ATSs. It can also sequentially connect low priority loads to a backup power system for limited periods of time to minimize outage impacts.

The Model 5810 offers a simple solution that can be quickly deployed at lower cost. The Model 5810 continually attempts to connect loads according to an ATS prioritization scheme. When the total connected load momentarily exceeds a user-defined threshold, the unit removes the ATS of lowest priority. After a user-defined delay, the Model 5810 attempts to add the ATS again, then repeats the action following any subsequent delay periods. The Model 5850 can manage loads for up to six ATSs and a single generator.