Siemens has been recognized by Gartner, Inc. in its 2017 “Market Guide for Data Center Infrastructure Management Tools.” The company’s Integrated Data Center Management Suite (IDCMS)/Datacenter Clarity LC™ offering are cited in the report.

As referenced by Gartner in this report, “While customers continue to want to use DCIM to manage their physical infrastructure, those infrastructures are evolving out of the confines of traditional data centers. IT I&O leaders therefore find themselves being asked to track and manage distributed infrastructures in, for example, remote offices, micro data centers, manufacturing plants and the emerging field of edge computing.”

“Operating in data center siloes challenges performance optimization, and our customers cannot afford to work in such historical processes anymore,” said Dave Hopping, president, Siemens’ North American-based Building Technologies division.

“The management and operation of the data center infrastructure has become the backbone of our economy and needs proper protection,” Hopping continued. “The challenge here is that some end users still rely on many different disparate solutions to provide cooling, power, infrastructure management, capacity planning, data center monitoring, fire safety, and security to their data center — most of which are not connected. Failure to recognize the interplay between these different systems can lead to outages and, in turn, could result in lost revenue and damaged customer relationships. It’s imperative that such patterns need to change.”

Siemens’ Integrated Data Center Management Suite (IDCMS) offers a holistic infrastructure management approach by integrating DCIM and an Integrated Building Management System (IBMS), with Electrical Power Monitoring System (EPMS) where needed alongside any other third-party applications. These provide additional insight into the complete data center operation. IDCMS helps to improve optimization of facility and IT processes end-to-end via a modular and scalable intelligent software suite coupled with advisory and performance services. This offers the automation and integration of cross-discipline processes and solutions to drastically reduce human errors and complexity and offers full transparency of the entire facility infrastructure, thus allowing for solid decision-making based on identifying efficiency and operational improvement levers.

The DCIM element of Siemens’ IDCMS offers a single, comprehensive view into both IT and facility management, bridging the gap between the two organizational units.

“Siemens strives to help data center and IT managers understand how an integrated management approach will further increase their overall data center availability, efficiency and lower energy costs,” explained Jay Hendrix, portfolio manager for Data Centers in North America. “Implementing such an approach can also add to the security of their data center, thus protecting their clients’ data and operations.”

Source: Gartner, “Market Guide for Data Center Infrastructure Management Tools.” April Adams, David J. Cappuccio, Henrique Cecci, 4 December 2017.