Southern Telecom, Inc. has announced that this month marks the company’s 20th anniversary. Celebrating two decades of wholesale dark fiber industry presence and expertise, Southern Telecom offers wireline broadband infrastructure supported by one of the largest investor-owned energy utilities in North America, Southern Company.

Southern Telecom provides wholesale dark fiber and colocation solutions to the telecom and enterprise sectors, connecting Atlanta with strategic markets throughout the southeast US. Southern Telecom markets or owns more than 2,600 route miles in the southeast anchored by a robust conduit and dark fiber metro network throughout Atlanta. Presently, Southern Telecom is constructing with joint build partners more than 500 route miles along several new underground routes around the southeast. Another 800 route miles of underground dark fiber is under development with joint build partners. The company continues to evaluate existing routes for replacement or upgrades while seeking joint build partners for additional greenfield routes.

“Perhaps the most noteworthy Southern Telecom accomplishment over the last 20 years is that, since inception, each Southern Telecom employee has returned home safely every day, having discharged their job responsibilities in a safe manner. This is quite reflective of the Southern Company safety excellence culture,” noted Tami Barron, president and CEO, Southern Telecom. “I am so proud of the way Southern Telecom embodies the Southern Company values of ‘Safety First, Unquestionable Trust, Superior Performance, and Total Commitment'.”

 “Foreseeing the emerging need for wireline fiber optic broadband infrastructure, Southern Company helped to shape the Telecom Act of 1996 in a manner such that Southern Telecom was incorporated shortly thereafter in February 1998. Since then, Southern Telecom and our colleagues in the Southern Company business units and shared services company have developed one of the premier energy utility fiber optic networks. These networks today are the backbone for innovation in the making, delivering, and selling of energy while also serving our growing telecom and enterprise customer base,” said Wayne Ellis, general manager, Southern Telecom.

“Southern Telecom is pleased to mark this significant milestone for our company, due in large part to our customers, partners, employees, and our parent company who have, since day one, supported our mission to provide the best in dark fiber and carrier-neutral colocation facilities throughout the southeast,” said Barry Navarre, business development manager, Southern Telecom. “We look forward to the next chapters we are shaping in the future of Southern Telecom as we continue to grow our customer base, form new partnerships, enhance current routes, and develop new opportunities.”

Southern Telecom will celebrate its 20th anniversary throughout 2018 with several commemorative events. These events will involve employees, communities, suppliers, and customers and reinforce its 20th anniversary theme of “Celebrating Our Past. Shaping Our Future.”