Riverbed Technology has released enhancements to Riverbed SteelCentral that bring major advances to troubleshooting capabilities and improved monitoring across the cloud while simultaneously improving ease of use and scalability. These enhancements continue to support a common theme of improved SteelCentral platform integration while enhancing several critical capabilities, including:

  • Extending powerful monitoring capabilities into the cloud with Microsoft Azure and AWS

  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and containerized environments

  • Large-scale virtualized network performance monitoring

  • Expanded unified communications (UC) monitoring with new support for Skype for Business

  • Next generation diagnostics and troubleshooting

Further, SteelCentral vastly improves the ability to monitor applications deployed on PaaS and containerized environments. As these environments dynamically scale during peak and off-peak periods, conventional performance monitoring tools that trace interactions between servers cannot coherently represent application behavior. This release introduces the Application Performance Graph that visually maps interactions between application modules in real-time, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. This reveals dependencies and hotspots obscured by the elasticity of the environment so that IT can observe and fix issues with the most overarching business impact.