Peak 10, Inc. has announced that it has teamed with Level 3 Communications to introduce Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions – Ethernet  to Peak 10 customers.

This unique service provides performance and security of a private, scalable Ethernet connection into the Peak 10 cloud. It replaces distance-sensitive pricing with flat-rated pricing, and scales bandwidth on-demand to support changing business needs.

“Some applications and cloud-use models are best served by a private, secure connection to their cloud service provider. However, it can be cost prohibitive based on the physical distance between the customer and the cloud provider,” said Monty Blight, vice president of sales operations and product strategy at Peak 10. “By leveraging Cloud Connect Solutions – Ethernet, organizations with a need for strict adherence to regulatory compliance can benefit from Peak 10’s PCI- and HIPAA-compliant clouds with a private Ethernet connection that offers greater visibility, flexibility and control, regardless of their domestic footprint or distance from a Peak 10 facility.”

By utilizing Cloud Connect Solutions – Ethernet circuits, Peak 10 further extends its reach beyond the walls of the data center to its customers’ doorsteps.  Now, Peak 10 customers will achieve a reliable, secure, dedicated and direct Ethernet connection to and through the data center into the cloud,creating a better, faster and simpler network experience. 

“We are excited to work with Peak 10 to provide their customers with a secure, dedicated and private connection the cloud,” said Brian Hoekelman, Level 3 Communications vice president of business and cloud ecosystem development. “As users continue to accelerate their adoption of cloud services, Cloud Connect Solutions – Ethernet delivers the resilient, secure and predictable network connections they need.  The result is a seamlessly managed connection for the customer so they can focus on improving their business performance.”

In addition to Cloud Connect Solutions – Ethernet, Peak 10 cloud and data center customers also have access to a variety of other networking services. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Peak 10 operates data centers in 10 U.S. markets and serves a diverse range of customers in the U.S. and abroad.