Great Lakes Case & Cabinet announces the official release of SEAL enclosures, the first complete solution for eliminating the physical threat to data at the server enclosure level. As commercial corporations and government agencies continue to spend millions of dollars on protecting valuable data from outside cyber-attacks, not enough attention has been given to security at the physical level where that data resides. The new SEAL line of enclosures represent an unprecedented level of security to enclosures, mitigating the risk of physical compromise like never before.

SEAL enclosures are multi-functional and fully customizable solutions that not only secure data and equipment with state-of-the-art locking mechanisms and solid steel construction, but provide additional security features that further increase the protection level of the equipment and data. This includes intelligent access options with the ability to integrate into existing security systems, a centralized software platform with real-time monitoring, and mobile authentication alerts and notifications.

Other SEAL features include the following enclosure technologies:

  • Secure channels, from handle to enclosure
  • Secured hinges
  • Tamper resistant panels
  • Secure contour doors
  • Internal ganging hardware
  • Internal anchoring hardware
  • Multi-point latch
  • Security covers

Manufactured and assembled in the United States using American made components, SEAL offers three security levels depending on the exact degree of protection required to safeguard data. In addition to the standard three security levels, SEAL provides a fourth level with the ability to fully customize a physical security solution to meet your unique protection needs.

Regardless of the level of protection selected, the goal of SEAL is simple — help customers achieve a level of protection that fits within their budget, meets or exceeds their physical security requirements, and provides a desired level of risk mitigation.