FuelVu polishing systems include an integrated built-in laser based fuel particle & contamination analyzer with water detection. Our in-line analyzer reports fuel contamination of both size and number of particulates keeping fuel oil within 2 & 3 microns. FuelVu ensures your fuel oil meets ISO4406 18/16/13 cleanliness requirements. This prevents damage to generators, protects generator warranty, and catastrophic back-up power failures.

The FuelVu system is capable of serving multiple tanks. Peripheral items monitored by FuelVu include interstitial leak and overfill alarms. The use of an automatic tank gauge is eliminated with real time in-tank level sensor integration and information exportable for PLC based functions. This allows for data and trend analysis reporting. FuelVu’s unmatched capability is cost comparable with today’s traditional polishing systems. FuelVu’s technology provides a wide range of custom systems meeting unique needs clients need. We are able to provide different requirement levels including custom made systems to accommodate your unique needs.

UST is a certified DBE, HUB, VOSB and 8(a) business.