Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, has announced the further expansion of its line of lithium-ion-compatible uninterruptible power systems (UPS). Now qualified for operation with lithium-ion batteries, the Liebert® EXM 480V (50 to 250 kW/kVA) UPS system expands the energy storage options for mid-sized data centers and next-generation edge applications. The lithium-ion configurations are available in North America.

The Liebert EXM 480V is the latest UPS system from Vertiv to be tested and qualified for lithium-ion batteries. This configuration delivers the scalability, flexibility and intelligence of the traditional Liebert EXM UPS system with all the benefits of lithium-ion technology, including longer battery life, reduced size and weight and increased power density. The lithium-ion batteries and battery cabinets are UL listed for use in data center environments.

“Today’s customers want options for their diverse networks and specifically for increasingly critical mid-sized and edge facilities,” said Kyle Keeper, vice president, AC power product management, for Vertiv in the Americas. “It is critical that we provide choices to fit the potential environment and architecture. Adding lithium-ion capabilities to the Liebert EXM UPS system is an important new option for our customers seeking core to edge solutions.”

The lithium-ion battery management system is compatible with Albér Battery Xplorer battery monitoring software from Vertiv, to aggregate and monitor system level performance. The system is supported by Vertiv services and is LIFE™ Services compatible.

In addition to lithium-ion batteries, the Liebert EXM UPS system also can be configured for flywheel operation to support applications that need short ride-through times and do not want batteries.