Johnson Controls introduces Metasys® Enterprise Management, a comprehensive, analytical, cloud-based optimization platform that proactively analyzes building energy and equipment data across an enterprise to identify issues, faults, and opportunities for improved performance and operational savings.

Metasys Enterprise Management works with the Metasys building automation system, other building automation systems and energy meters that support BACnet IP communications to extract otherwise overwhelming amounts of data and transmit it securely to the cloud where it is turned into actionable information.

Energy Management features automatically collect, analyze, and display information for all configured physical meters and virtual meters located in a facilities operation. Energy demand and consumption is aggregated and displayed using intuitive, out-of-the-box dashboards.

Powerful analytics root out energy and equipment-related problems 24x7. Metasys Enterprise Management also provides actionable insight through the Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) feature, as part of the add-on Equipment Management feature set. This highly effective feature allows building operators to take corrective action through FDD-driven work orders.

The Asset Maintenance feature allows users to generate and track work orders and maintenance actions, check service report feedback and status, and measure performance of maintenance teams via key performance indicators -- all from a single platform.

The Kiosk feature provides a customizable, interactive display that uses energy data so customers can promote, inform and educate building stakeholders on building system performance, sustainability efforts and more.

Metasys Enterprise Management is easy to configure and use, making it almost immediately operational. Its system architecture is scalable to the facility’s energy needs and equipment monitoring requirements, able to accommodate buildings and systems of varying complexity, size and scope. And because Metasys Enterprise Management is provided and activated through cloud-based licenses with a variety of subscription options, it can meet any organization’s budget and needs and ensure customers can easily stay current with frequent updates and enhancements.