Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, has introduced three high-capacity cooling solutions for the growing colocation and cloud hosting data center markets, enabling providers to save money, reduce risks, and more easily manage their facilities.

The three new products are designed to be rapidly deployable and scalable, while using new heat exchanger or pumped refrigerant technologies that maximize operational efficiency and minimize or eliminate water usage. 

  •  Liebert® EFC Indirect Evaporative Freecooling Solution in 400 kW capacity, available now globally
  •  Liebert DSE Packaged Freecooling System in 400 kW capacity, available now in North America
  •  Liebert DSE Freecooling System in 250 kW capacity, available in January 2018 in the Americas and Asia/Pacific

Nearly 60% of enterprise data center managers report that they will increase their use of colocation and cloud hosting over the next 12 months, and cost and scalability are in the top four attributes customers use to select a colocation provider, according to the Colocation Data Center Usage Report from Vertiv.

“The new Liebert DSE solutions are a continuation of thermal management leadership by Vertiv. Digital Realty and Vertiv co-developed the new Liebert DSE 250kW solution as an extension of the Liebert DSE pumped refrigerant technology that we have used in our data centers for more than four years,” said Kevin Dalton, vice president of design, global design at Digital Realty. “Our solution helps us achieve our sustainability objectives and better serve our customers with a cooling technology that reduces energy consumption, eliminates water usage for cooling and stabilizes the data center thermal environment.” 

“The new line of Vertiv cooling solutions is well-positioned to meet the growing needs of colocation and cloud hosting providers,” said Rob Brothers, vice president of datacenter trends and strategies at IDC. “Data centers are constantly growing and changing, and operators are working to control their costs, reduce risk and simplify the management of their data center thermal environments. The new line of Vertiv cooling products has the potential to help operators achieve those objectives, particularly as these products are designed to deliver high efficiency and design flexibility while minimizing the total cost of ownership.”

All of the new solutions provide new levels of performance and value for colocation and cloud hosting facilities. Their benefits include greater energy savings, lower total cost of ownership, rapidly deployable configurations, and low peak power requirements providing more available IT power capacity. All of this is accomplished through indirect economization while not allowing outside air to directly enter the facility. Separately, they offer different advantages for different applications. 

The Liebert EFC, 400kW solution offers:

  • Highest efficiency with a mechanical PUE as low as 1.03
  • Lowest peak power requirement
  • Integrated evaporative cooling for long-term savings

The Liebert DSE, 400kW packaged system offers:

  • Low total cost of ownership 
  • Pumped refrigerant economization with no water usage
  • Lowest installation costs

The Liebert DSE, 250 kW split-system offers:

  • Low total cost of ownership 
  • Pumped refrigerant economization with no water usage
  • Design flexibility, with no ductwork and reduced outdoor footprint for multi-story applications

Each system uses integrated Liebert ICOM™ controls that feature advanced algorithms and automated routines for protection and efficiency, and make these systems easier to operate. The controls harmonize multiple cooling systems and enable quick adaptation to load changes and ambient temperatures. The controls fine-tune room cooling by optimizing temperature and airflow and selecting the most appropriate operating mode based on external environmental conditions and desired Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or management parameters. 

“Our research has shown that the primary reason businesses have moved or will move to colocation is to support capacity scalability, while the primary reason limiting colocation adoption is cost,” said David Klusas, director of thermal management marketing for Vertiv in North America. “Deploying these new, scalable, high efficiency solutions from Vertiv can help colocation providers enable their customers to meet business goals.”