T5 Data Centers has signed a pre-lease with a leading hospital network as the first tenant to occupy the second phase of the company’s T5@Chicago data center build out. The new lease will occupy a significant portion of the data hall currently under construction.

The hospital network is migrating its existing data center operations to the T5@Chicago custom-built facility to take advantage of more efficient systems and to accommodate capacity demand for future growth. Several of the data centers in the Chicagoland market are not purpose built facilities and have difficulty meeting emerging enterprise computing requirements. T5 Data Centers prides itself on providing state-of-the-art, custom-built data centers with on-site systems management from T5 Facilities Management (T5FM). For T5’s new hospital network tenant, T5@Chicago offers a robust infrastructure that allows them to consolidate operations and to maximize control of their infrastructure. The T5@Chicago infrastructure will also comply with HIPAA and other stringent regulations.

“Chicago is becoming one of T5’s hottest markets,” said David Horowitz, VP of sales and marketing, T5 Data Centers. “We are experiencing more demand from the corporate enterprise users who are requiring highly secure, scalable purpose built data centers. We are able to provide this latest Chicago tenant a customizable build-out and a scalable approach to manage future growth. Allowing our customers to control their infrastructure and have visibility into their operations like it was their own internal data center is a major differentiator that enterprise customers appreciate. Our T5 facilities management team is simply an extension of our customers’ teams.”

T5@Chicago is a highly secured, 208,000 sq-ft, Tier III data center located in Elk Grove Village. This LEED® Silver certified data center was acquired by T5 Data Centers in 2016 and has been operating since its inception through T5FM, which provides best-in-class, award-winning facilities management services. T5 is currently in Phase 2 of its T5@Chicago build-out, adding a new secure data hall with an additional 2 MW capacity.

T5@Chicago is the company’s ninth U.S. data center and meets the resilient, high-quality characteristics consistent across T5’s portfolio.