Park Place Technologies has launched ParkView, a remote triage service platform that enables predictive detection and identification of hardware faults that occur within a data center.  

ParkView, powered by the TrueSight AIOps platform from BMC, revolutionizes visibility into data center infrastructure and operations by identifying and reporting hardware faults, as well as potential faults, enabling faster response and problem resolution. ParkView predicts data center issues, then triages the fault and identifies the proper fix, allowing quick repairs to be made through Park Place’s seamless integration with hardware maintenance service plans.

The TrueSight AIOps platform from BMC identifies and contextualizes patterns from virtually any data source, revealing recurring issues and repetitive tasks ideal for automation. TrueSight dynamically learns the behavior of infrastructure and manages capacity, including multi-cloud utilization in the context of applications and services.

The ParkView support offering includes the following features:

  • Predictive fault detection: ParkView instantly identifies faults in data center hardware, 24/7, without the need for customer action of any kind. The offering also helps find behavioral and performance trends to reduce false alarms.

  • Higher data center visibility: ParkView combines all data center monitoring solutions into one, streamlining the hardware support and triage process. In the beta test, 787 total connected assets have been monitored by ParkView, combining storage and server products.

  • Increased first-time fix rate: Increased alerts result in better-prepared responses and a greater percentage of first-time fixes.

  • Minimal implementation efforts: ParkView offers a consultation in the data center with IT staff to help them choose the correct security levels and assets for their organization’s needs, ensuring a safe and easy process.

  • Additional customer feedback from the beta test was also very positive, noting that ParkView enables them to migrate off in-house systems, reduce costs associated with managing assets in off-premium locations, as well as shift their employees to more value-added functions.


ParkView fully integrates with hardware maintenance plans covered by a Park Place Maintenance Agreement.