I am thrilled that the Open Compute Project is being featured in Mission Critical magazine this issue, “Applying Open Compute Rack And Power Specifications To New And Existing Data Centers,” by Kevin Gero, page 44.

I have long been a fan of the project, which began in 2011 by Facebook with Intel and Rackspace, Goldman Sachs and Sun Microsystems founder Andy Bechtolsheim, with the goal of “accelerating the commercialization of hardware designs that enable great data center efficiency and flexibility,” so aptly put by Kevin Gero.

Earlier this year at the OCP Summit 2017, Facebook announced a refresh of its server hardware fleet and will share the design specifications on the Open Compute Project site so everyone can benefit. For all of Facebook’s shortcomings in privacy, I am all for finding new ways to energy efficiency and applaud Facebook for their leadership in this area.



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Caroline Fritz