Nlyte Software has announced the release of the Nlyte DCOI Analytics Module. The new addition to the Nlyte DCOI solution enables U.S. federal agencies to share and roll-up key DCOI metrics to parent agencies.

Nlyte was the first DCIM solution provider to offer a comprehensive product for meeting all the requirements of the U.S. Federal DCOI. Today, over 30 U.S. Federal Agencies use or are currently deploying the Nlyte DCOI solution. With the release of the Nlyte DCOI Analytics Module, federal agencies will now be able to securely share key DCOI metrics with overseeing, regulating “parent” agencies. After securely aggregating the vital metrics, agencies will be able to roll-up the reporting chain all the way to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget without exposing the operations of each federal agency to outside organizations.

“Nlyte was the first DCIM provider to offer a purpose-built solution for the U.S. Federal data center optimization initiative’s five key metrics,” said Andrew Ryan, VP of U.S. Federal Accounts for Nlyte. “Nlyte continues to invest in improving our DCOI capabilities and the release of the Nlyte DCOI Analytics Module will further enable federal organizations to more easily communicate their progress towards the goals of the mandate in a secure and streamlined fashion.”