FNT Software has announced the new release of FNT ServicePlanet 4. As a centralized portfolio and service management database, the software improves the efficiency and standardization of business services throughout the entire lifecycle.

FNT ServicePlanet 4 provides complete transparency into Enterprise Service Management, enabling organizations to design, manage, and monitor products and services. New features include automated, detailed service history which improves change handling processes as related service tree changes and business processes can be handled via a defined method. Additional features include the monitoring of administrative operations, automated status models, HTML frontend views, independent work plan scopes, and flexible attribution functions. 

“We are particularly proud of FNT ServicePlanet 4. as it increases the speed and flexibility with which Enterprise Businesses can provide their services,” Hans-Jörg Roser, product manager for FNT ServicePlanet said. “By focusing on service lifecycle management and change handling, we laid the foundation for future development of our Business Scope Service Management.”

The provisioning of standardized products makes it possible for organizations to consistently deliver high quality services while reducing costs and IT complexity. Additionally, FNT ServicePlanet 4 provides automated documentation of all available products and the configured services for greater clarity into the customer-supplier relationship.