Cisco Intersight – Designed To Be Secure

Cisco Blog

November 14, 2017

Author: David Soper

Our new cloud-based systems management platform, Cisco Intersight, leverages our expertise in security and cloud hosted management. It delivers secure management of your Cisco UCS and HyperFlex systems.


Delivering IT in 2018 is All About Accountability!

Uptime Institute Blog

November 9, 2017

Author: By Mark Harris

It has always been incredibly difficult to align an organization’s business needs and strategies with the underlying information technologies required to get there. For many years, the long-tenured IT organization was given a tremendous amount of leeway due to the complex nature of delivering IT.


How Colocation Providers Can Free up 30% More IT Capacity While Saving on Opex

Schneider Electric Blog

November 9, 2017

Author: John Niemann

If you’re a colocation provider and could find a way to get 30% more IT capacity out of your existing data center power infrastructure while reducing operating costs by 60%, I’m certain you’d be more than a little interested. If so, just read on.


Implement DCIM with an IOT Platform like open source Kaa Project

Green Data Center & Wireless Blog

November 7, 2017

Author: David Ohara

I wrote about the DCIM is coming

And an example of its end is how DCIM can be replaced by a more powerful, lower cost, platform like IOT. 


@BrennaGoth 17 November

RT @ReneeSchoof: Apple would use 50 MW from the Turquoise Solar facility to serve its expanding data center near Reno, if regulators ...


@KarelLukas 17 November 2017

Director of Network Engineering for Leading Int'l Cloud/Data Center Service Provider (Chicago)


@LionelREICHARDT  17 November

Nvidia CEO: Gaming will be huge, but so will AI and data center businesses #esante #hcsmeufr #digitalhealth


@Patnet 17 November 2017

RT @NetworkWorld: Microsoft and Daimler each have plans to use fuel cells to power data centers - by @Patnet ...


@navycapital 17 November 2017

#NavyCapital : Broadcom will get a much bigger slice of the data center market after its $5.5 billion purchase of B… ...


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