Para Systems, Inc. has announced new additions to its line of Minuteman Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). These battery backup systems utilize double conversion technology and provide power management features for protecting large networks, servers, data storage, enterprise communications, large-scale security systems, industrial equipment, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). The two product lines introduced are the Encompass Series and Endeavor LCD Series.

By using double conversion, true on-line architecture, both product lines create an “electrical firewall,” providing the ultimate protection for critical applications. Utilizing an AC-DC-AC conversion process for incoming utility power at all times, these units ensure a pure electrical signal is supplied to the attached equipment.

The new Minuteman Endeavor LCD Series offers an industry-first 5-year warranty and a high efficiency power factor of 0.9, with capacities ranging from 1000 VA to 3000 VA. Users can stay on top of all aspects of power conditions whether they are near the unit or at an off-site location thanks to an on-board LCD status display and control panel, coupled with the ability to monitor power conditions remotely via Minuteman’s SentryHD software.  Additionally, an option slot is included to accommodate Minuteman’s SNMP communication card and environmental monitoring probes, or an optional programmable relay card. Multiple external battery packs can also be added to provide extended back-up time solutions that many critical systems require.

The Encompass Series is the other new product line being introduced to the market. Capacities range from 1000VA to 3000VA, and these models feature a three-year warranty, including batteries.  Like the Endeavor LCD products, these true on-line UPS’s provide high efficiency with a 0.9 power factor, an LCD status display, plus a variety of other useful features. The Encompass Series is also compatible with Minuteman’s SentryHD power management software and allows the addition of an optional SNMP network card, environmental monitoring, and a programmable relay card.

Both new product lines feature ENERGY STAR certification and have an Eco Mode which further increases efficiency and reduces power consumption. All models can be used in a tower or rack-mounted configuration.