Storage Battery Systems’ EquaLink is an Ethernet-based battery management system which monitors the voltage, internal resistance, and temperature of each battery in a stationary battery system.

Through a patented balancing process, EquaLink actively regulates the float charging voltage of each battery ensuring that all batteries charge at the optimal voltage. Continuously monitoring and balancing the individual charging/float voltage of each battery enables the full capacity of the entire battery system to be available at all times.

EquaLink Battery Management System actively manages batteries to increase reliability and extend life, whereas other battery monitoring systems simply monitor batteries as they deteriorate.

EquaLink has the ability to monitor current, ambient/room temperature, humidity, hydrogen gas, and electrolyte levels. Through available Form C contacts/relays, EquaLink can also monitor electrical equipment such as UPSs, inverters, transfer switches, generators, and air conditioning systems.

EquaLink is designed for lead-acid batteries (flooded/wet, VRLA, gel, AGM, etc.) as well as some Ni-Cd, NiMH, and Li-Ion battery applications. EquaLink is easy to install and configure.

NERC PRC-005-2 compliance is mandatory for utilities and EquaLink helps simplify NERC testing and reporting. EquaLink is also ideal for IEEE reporting and battery maintenance programs in telecom, UPS, data centers, and similar applications.